Cardinal Cross, Libra Convention



Mercury, Sun, North Node, Venus

More fair? More Beautiful?
More Balanced?

Work it smarter?

Crab Moon for the family dynamics,
fire trine hurries us along…


Emotional crossroads with kids and sentiment involved.
Home, health, hearth, harmony,
what do you need?
You were here anyway, so it’s no surprise to have these convos.

Boundaries are key.
Putting it together while staying nearly professional in your grace and composure.


Cardinal Grand Cross just passing through.

Remember to place yourself in the light you would like to be seen in.
A carefully curated honesty?

More simply,
as you turn to focus on each aspect they spring to life.
Your attention is a gift.

With so much Libra, other people’s opinions impact our own.
We ARE seeking alliances here, even if, or,
as we move through other epic disconnections.
Be aware of what belongs to you, and what does not.

Contagious thought.
It’s a good idea to consult an expert,
& run everything through the feel-o-meter.
The feels may be strong today, with no time to feel them!
If at all possible, acknowledge, at least inwardly…
give yourself your due.

Comparisons are both destructive and complex ingenious motivators.
The only way to get the “life” someone else has is…
wait, it’s impossible to get the life someone else has.

When you have it, it will be yours and substantially altered,
as you will be through the process of becoming…

What is it that reflects back at you looking at someone else?
What recognitions and challenges?
Libra is the ultimate competitor,
he does it beautifully, with good sportsmanship and style, balance and harmony.

Always looking for the Win/Win.

Do it to it!

Love YOU!!!



Mavis, complete cardinal queen!

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