Capricorn Venus Backwards


I’ll admit, I don’t care for Venus Retro.

Capricorn Venus Retrograde begins December 21st,
and ends February 1st, 2014

Yes it’s possible your long lost love could come back,
the one you think of even though you have sworn yourself against it,
AND they could somehow make it through the Venus Pluto conjunction that seals this particular retrograde, and sets Venus once more direct.

There will be tests a plenty, so you’ll be able to know.


Hey where is your money going?
Come back money, come back!

A chance to be afraid of the love you have gotten yourself into,
or out of?
A look back at how far you have come since 2005/2006 in terms of Values, and $?
Taurus and Libra,
Heck, all the Cardinal, and Allll the fixed signs have some scores to settle.
Gemini and Sag. too, is it everyone? Pretty Much, YES

Hmmm… I’m not getting hot yet…

Could you be repaid money you were owed?
Yes, and you might repay debts yourself.


Heavy Cardinal Karma Situation with Venus across from Jupiter in Crab.
The whole affair ruled by Saturn,
Mars in Libra activating lessons circa Saturn in Libra era.
Balance in relationship,

It certainly favors the handling of old biz of all kinds.

No glam purchases, no makeovers,
though you can plan them, buy nothing pricey.

Have another go at selling anything old and outdated,
but don’t be too shocked if you don’t have takers, Venus has other plans.


What does she want with you?
a chance to take a breather from desire,
or to desire something unusual, a love experiment?
Cap is so conservative, it hardly seems it would fly,
but giving ourselves a break from being perfect, from meeting standards…

The long retrograde in an Earth Sign and Venus’s relationship to Jupiter,
suggests that everyone ultimately gets something to keep.
There is a present involved, and it has lasting value.
Slowly now, this is Capricorn.


January 27, through February 1st:
That’s the end of the retrograde, and the Key to the locked door.

Venus turns direct conjunct Pluto, opposed by Jupiter,
and with Uranus squaring both Jupiter and Venus/Pluto

Watch as the New Moon in Aquarius of January 30th kicks it off,
with Saturn overseeing from a pleasant distance,
while Chiron nods his head in approval.
We move on then. A beginning.

Cap. Venus is ambitious.
It’s a rags to riches story.
… and with Capricorn, it’s never too late!


Think about self worth,
about going back, and writing love letters to who you have been,
especially at your most unlovable, caring generously for your past selves.
It’s not to late for them (for us) to receive that love.

Right now, even if you are broke and no one seems to love you, let yourself love someone, something, anyone, anything! It’s the feeling you are after.
Your friend, your child, your lover, your parents, siblings, your pet, your plant, the crazy cracked pavement, and awkward cloud formations, the sent of beeswax whatever whoever

The freedom to love, creates love. Allow yourself to have it.
As long as you are breathing, you have someone to love.

Love YOU!!!



who would have thunk it, Kafka: Sun Jupiter in Crab!

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10 Responses to Capricorn Venus Backwards

  1. Joel says:

    Well I’m hoping for the lost love to be redound and solidified. Cap is my 1H and sun in cancer in my 7H. 27 degrees cap is his NN and 13 degrees cap is my SN. Venus rx is squaring my moon/Pluto in my 10H in libra and trining his Pluto in Virgo. Jupiter rx will be conj my NN in cancer in my 7h when Venus goes direct, conj my SN (squaring his moon/Uranus in libra). And tomorrow, he’ll receive the Christmas cookies I just sent him :). We’ve been in communication but have not seen each other for months and I’ve beep working on repairing the damage that our relationship has endured in the last year. That full moon on my DC in Gemini seems to have given some positive signs though, progress in communication as opposed to regression. So my fingers are crossed and my heart is open.

  2. Sibyl K. says:

    I feel it!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sibyl K,

      Thanks for writing! I think I may be able to feel it too. There is about to be SO MUCH Capricorn in the sky, Errrrrrmagosh! What a year! xox

  3. Jgirl says:

    My name was supposed to say jgirl. Autocorrect.

  4. delilahmoran says:

    is it ok to have a new job during venus retro? thank you

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey, delilahmoran,

      Thanks for writing! It absolutely is ok! It’s even ok to have a new love. It’s just that things may change a bit when Venus goes direct. xo

  5. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    Oh my, I am so excited by the astrology right now and upcoming. For me this is such a chance to work on self-worth, self-esteem and through that develop the ability to love more. I have Venus sq Saturn and Saturn in Cancer in my natal, I struggle immensely at loving myself. I have felt SO lonely recently it is untrue (Venus in Cap feels cold), but I am growing stronger in terms of valuing myself, i can feel bricks building. I really like the idea of just loving ‘something’ in this period. Harsh energies abound, so on top of that are we going to beat ourselves up? Will keep this post always in mind, and when I feel the brutal air…will channel the LOVE!! xoxo

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Sophiepiscesmoon,

      So nice to hear from you! ~ I am growing stronger in terms of valuing myself~ THIS!!!! <3 Go YOU!!!! <3
      With Venus Saturn it's exactly like that: Building something solid, that can not be taken from you.
      Sending so much love! xoxo

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