Capricorn New Moon December 29/30th ~ Uranus Direct ~










The New Moon in Capricorn arrives at 7 degrees around midnight on the 29th of December, with retrograde Mercury at 6 degrees, Pluto at 16 Capricorn, Saturn at 21 Sag. and Neptune at 9 Pisces, embracing an ever closer Mars at 7 Pisces.

The sky is currently so rich with potential and consequence, Saturn IS the lord of karma. We will see examples of the power of history, lineage. (Capricorn). Saturn defines this lunation, both directly and by a circuitous string of rulerships, that lead us through the importance of Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and back to Saturn.

Our Sun, Moon and Mercury conjunction trines the North Node in Virgo and sextiles Mars/Neptune by the South Node. We take it slow, don’t push too hard, seeds of acceptance are planted in the subconscious. To get where you would like to go, be open minded, practical, pragmatic, humble, and unafraid of the conversation.

Uranus direct is another large story,
inseparable, intertwined with this moment, a surprise element that has a lasting impact.

The sky god trines Saturn, opposes Jupiter and squares Pluto, while he begins his forward motion. A scene change, an accident, (beneficial or harmful), a very large plot twist, Uranus provides an unforeseen circumstance that with Saturn and Jupiter creates a new reality. You may already feel it, some shocks arrive early. As ever, with Uranus Direct read THIS

The placements of Jupiter and Mercury here indicates that this is a very long story we are living. A tale rich with meaning, and like all tales worth living, we are called upon to accept the impact of the unexpected, keep an open mind, and breathe life into something new.

There is something a bit impersonal about the sky right now, which is fortunate, because if we had to feel it all we would drown. The distance allows us to act freely, to jostle a myriad of possible solutions and allow the right ones to emerge.

Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, all of them at 20/21 degrees indicates a New Structure emerging, while Mercury’s retrograde position makes it clear that our research is active, still taking place. We know we are changing the shape of the picture, but to just what exactly, the colors, the details, specifics, ramifications, tone, and even on some of the bottom line financials, the jury is out.

Here too, Saturn squares Chiron, and Jupiter inconjuncts it. Yes that means it hurts. We don’t have an easy way ahead, we do have a way ahead.

Relationships are key here, use a light touch, and make the contact. Opportunities come through other people, we are not lone wolves in this, however uncomfortable or ugly, we are rewarded for our connection.

Saturn also sextiles Venus. Aquarius Venus is widely approved of in this chart, there is a lot charm/poise/grace and innovation can accomplish here, and money/love may flow where it is most needed, or even most wanted. Lack may be an issue in the long term, but in the short term there is a cool otherworldly support.

Is our New Moon bad news with a structural rainbow? The proverbial dark cloud with the silver lining? Or something more positive?

A kick in the pants to help you grow? Capricorn is the story of a tenacious climb to the top using resources and relationships to further your goals. Looking at the bottom line with an idea to advance your future, the long road trying to secure a bit of the mountaintop in order to build your fortress upon it.

A way forward will emerge from whatever fog you experience. Perhaps more than one, and it may take a bit of time (Mercury is direct on the 8th of January) before we know which way/and actually begin to fully move ahead.

Do set an intention. Do align yourself with your long term, structural, that is to say, Capricorn goals.

Clear your head. Security via achievement is the direction. Look to the house where Capricorn fall for both the direct impact you want to make in your life (New Moon) News, (Mercury) and impact (Pluto). Look to Uranus for the Surprise, to Saturn for the shape of it, and to Jupiter the direction.

Love YOU!!!!




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