Capricorn New Moon & The Promise of 2014


The New Moon arrives with the New Year.
In sync and in style, with Mars in Libra and Venus in Cap.

The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn.
Uranus & Mars Square, Jupiter Opposes.
Venus stands to the side, what value to place on the new information?


The players poised, locked tight.

When you can no longer proceed by walking in a straight line…
and with only a straight line to guide you…


do you float?



Seize up, and then race out when no one is looking?

Can you redirect your molecules to form a new compound?

With Chiron to help you, that may be your best bet. kidding!!!
Not kidding.

Can innocence save you?


no. the answer to that is clear,
and fake innocence is worst of all.

This New Year and our New Moon is for grown ups only.
Adult behavior required.

If you don’t have appropriate dinner wear, the staff will provide you with a jacket:
you really don’t want to be seen wearing one of those.


Where Capricorn goes, ( and there is SO Much Cap. here)
there is Responsibility, and there is Fear.

Fear is it’s own power, if you don’t know that, you don’t know much.
Fear of success, fear of failure, what kind of motivations are available?

Capricorn is gifted with a clarity, a pragmatism so sweet, that
it is the antidote to even the most dire of circumstances.
We can have that now.
The physics and chemistry of accomplishment.

Core component? Persistence.


It’s worth knowing, that we are putting to bed The Year of the Snake,
thinking, planning, preparing. A philosophical year to see ahead.

Now: what no one can fully predict:
2014 The Chinese Terrestrial Zodiac Year of the Horse:
a wild ride, not a tame one!
It’s the Green (wood) Horse, so like bamboo, a year to bend, and GROW FAST!
It starts with the New Moon in Aquarius on January 30/31st.
(for this the sun and moon sextile uranus in aries, while mars in libra trines mercury in aqua!)

But first, gather your forces:

Capricorn is who we need on our team for the adventure.

It’s the alchemy by which fear becomes ambition,
and ambition becomes power.
not necessarily power over another, something else:
self control.

If you have that, and
and this is a big AND you trust yourself to use it,
there is nothing in the world you don’t have.

Fear carries power: it’s a suitcase and power jumps in for the ride!
If fear has captured some power for you, the power is yours,
and fear can go free.

If you can’t commit to climbing the mountain now, from wherever you find yourself,
and acknowledge honestly where that wherever is…


When will you?

~even if you find yourself on the wrong plateau…
where the place you need to climb is down~

Begin, on the first of January 2014, go on through the middle, and stop when you get to the end.

GOALS married to unaccountable unforeseeable necessity.
Along the way, dues to pay, axles to grease.

Whatever happened to pleasure?

Where is pleasure keeping herself these days?


The Joys of Not Being Completely Miserable?
is that the title of my next best seller?

There are Joys. Our hearts break open to love and pain,
they catch like fine fabric, as you turn the corner,
a loose nail disassembling what you thought was held so tight.

~oh the delightful perils of open~

The promise of 2014 reveals itself in more than one surprise.
the surprise of sometimes getting what you want,
there are both boons and heartless catastrophe.

It’s a wild dark year with a sweet deep vein of joy and opportunity,
a ribbon of freedom so fast and so friendly it seems a mirage.

It’s real, as real as the work that surrounds it,
the tedious soul sucking grind, and the tenuous terrifying climb
to what seems to amount to little more than sanity.

But quickly now, by midsummer Jupiter moves to LEO,
and he offers pride and radiance rather than protection.
In Mid-July, our bubble bursts, the water is deep, and we best dry off and go dancing…
there will be fire, as the world tips and twists another way…

Back in the cold confidences of Capricorn, we commit now, solidify.
Consolidate. Put an X on the map today: YOU ARE HERE,
a place that you will see, far distant, behind you by 2015.
Capricorn treasures the past, and here we have arrived at the end of one story…
as much as it bleeds through to the next


For now, find and keep your temper, your own council, your head

Freedom comes in the spring, with Jupiter direct in March,
With Eclipses in April, as the Nodes shift to Libra/Aries,
With U Square P exact and Mars in the thick of it..
With Mars direct May 19th… but I am traveling far into the distance…

A New Moon

A New Year

May you feel the love and light, the deep darkness, the inky luxury of night, lit with an uncountable brilliance of stars, the mystery of the contract your body makes with existence, that enacts itself as your heart moves to expand and compress, as your lungs answer a question put to them by air, as water fills your body with simple satisfaction, and an unquenchable thirst for experience arises and gives birth to your life.

Thank you for reading.
Love YOU!! Everydamnday!!!

Here’s to 2014!



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6 Responses to Capricorn New Moon & The Promise of 2014

  1. connelly567 says:

    I have Jupiter transiting my 8th house,so freedom in the spring should be either quite interesting or very unexpected due to the Uranus in 5th house Aries and Pluto in 2nd house Capricorn. This Libra is really looking forward to 2014. For the past 5 years I would say on New Years Eve, “It has to get better , cause it can’t get worse”, and it did or at at best stayed the same. Past 6 months have seen a few rays of sunshine, but I’m cautious and trying to regain my confidence. Great post, very lyrical and beautifully written…the best descriptive astrology on the web.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      Thank you! What a sweet thing to say!
      Jupiter in the 8th and Uranus in the 5th, Pluto in the 2nd! Fun times or else!
      I feel pretty cautious myself, but I do like the Jupiter Saturn trine: we’ll see it again after Jupiter turns direct. & between Crab Jupiter and Pisces Neptune, faith is one of the best plays going… so long as we sleep with only one eye shut. 😉

  2. connelly567 says:

    BTW, the Sargent painting, “In the Luxembourg Garden”, is my favorite painting. I think the colors are very Libra – ish and it hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, my home town.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey connelly567,

      I love Sargent so very much. His whites!!!!! How everything is so exact and so abstract!!!! <3
      I agree ~In the Luxembourg Garden~ is So Libra! It's really nice to have paintings to visit in your home town. xo

  3. Tam says:

    Love the photos. I’m a Fire Horse so I’m looking forward to the shift at the end of January.

    Happy New Year! <3

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,
      Thanks!!! That Tree picture blows my mind. The pivots of history and technology, the fact that that is a photo!! Crazy!
      Your year! How totally cool! Some of my all time fav people are Fire Horses! <3
      Happy New Year! So ready for a new one! xo

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