Capricorn Innocence?

The innocence of Capricorn.

Maybe it is just me,
because of my strange vantage point
into a few choice Capricorn lives,
but do they not have a certain innocence that comes,
with taking everything seriously?

A freshness and a ready to believe in anything quality,
and the candor to speak about it.
Deadpan Capricorn comedians are legion!

Maybe because they have been through so much,
that nearly anything could be believed…
No one ever talks about the sincerity of Capricorn,

because paradoxically they are cynical as hell.

Why is that?
How is that?

Here is some vintage Ze Frank.

He’s an Aries with Jupiter in Capricorn.
Jupiter Rules your sense of humor
and the funniness of this, is so freshly, typically Capricorn.
Him going through with filming it, that’s Aries, baby

If you are close to some Cappys, or Cap risings

tell me,

Do you notice that pure Capricorn innocence?

In a solar chart, that puts Pisces in their third house,

Is that what it is?

Are they dreamers underneath?
To accomplish some of their massive undertakings,
you know they have to dream big!

Love YOU!


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