Capricorn Full Moon July 19 2016



Boys Dressed Up on Easter Sunday




Pay your bills, put it on the line.
A big astrological kite in the sky suggests that events don’t have to be pain-free to be worthwhile.

Every planet is involved, directly or by implication.
This moment, this apotheosis, will have extended meaning.
If you don’t see it now, look back here in six months and you will.

The truth is we have rocky times ahead, the next 3 years are critical, beyond.
Shore yourself for the unimaginable.
You can’t. Only try.

Venus conjunct Mercury trines Saturn,
a Saturn controlled Moon, looks for realistic good news.
The halo surrounding the $20 you find on wash day.
Glimmer of a promise that will actually be kept.

Aries Uranus Squares the Sun and Moon, and inconjuncts a potent Mars.
Full Moons have a rep. for revelation.
Sudden Bright light.

How do you use your position?
Uranus whose gift is subtraction.
The instant take away.

Is your heart in your throat?
Is witnessing eroding your ability to function?

The Full Moon in Capricorn reminds us of what power can do.
AND, that so many choices have already been made.

Security issues,
Your Home, Your Health, Your Wallet. Your family.


Maybe saying -shore yourself- is misleading. I don’t want to give the impression that there is anything anyone can do to remain unmoved. In fact that’s the worst advise ever. Remain moved. Be ambitious, unfinished, aware.

Mars (the god of War,) is strong now.
Not only other people’s Mars, yours too.

Stay with yourself, your value, your power.
Mercury and Venus in LEO trine Saturn in Sag,
Mars in Scorpio trines the Crab Sun.

You can play, sparkle, shine,
at least within your circle, sigh..

Willing to work for what is valuable, and, this is hardest for Cancer/Capricorn, unprotected.
Place your trust with eternal forces.

Love without end.

Love YOU!!!!



Look at what Spencer Tunick, has organized and so many women participated. Perfect example of the energy.

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