Capricorn Full Moon July 1, 2015


Here comes the Full Moon in Cardinal Capricorn to kick off July.
Easy to see what you have and have not.

Mom and Dad dynamics, Capricorn and Cancer.
Lineage, heritage, where you come from

Saturn in Scorpio gives it an edge.
There is finality here if you want some.

Watch out for bitterness.

but here too is Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo, trine Uranus
& inconjunct Chiron,

What you possibly could have if everything were not exactly the way it is.
Or maybe you will have it, over time.


Pleasure is undercut by what you imagine it will cost you ultimately.
Or more simply,
there is a rock in your shoe

The uneasiness of the impending Venus retrograde,
what is about to be given, then taken away? And will it return, changed?

Mars in Crab opposes that Cap. Pluto,
~Something Must Be Done!~

temper temper

It’s actually better to do something than to accumulate feelings of powerlessness.

Get into yourself.

Of the Earth.
Obligation. Material Success or poverty, accumulation of past action.
Self Control,

Responsibility and the fear that goes with it, like a partner to the dance. Corsage and everything.

What do we know about that?
The Moon is reflective,
Rock, Bone, your father and his legacy.
tonight we think about the earth that the river runs through.



Gemini Mercury taking hits from a retrograde Chiron as well.
Old wounds still active, still sending small arrows,


You can hear the song playing, but you don’t have to dance to those worn out tunes. You might have to answer to them.


No escape.
Though Neptune says there is one.
Faith makes a nice play here.

Breathe Deep.
Open out.


Try not to flee from the heart of the world,
but instead to soften in to it.

That’s where possibilities begin.

Can you make contact with yourself?

If you need to talk it through with someone, talk it through.
Make sure you are present for the interaction.
No hiding out and going through the motions.

Cap. Moon is strategic.

That clarity will help you to make sure you have your own best interests at heart. If you have already made a mess, come from your core when you try to clean it up.

also, take your time, you don’t have to say anything you don’t want to say

Love YOU!!!



* the incomparable and deeply mourned Uber Outer Planet Libra Lhasa de Sela with her Moon/Saturn in Gemini, her Jupiter at 0 Capricorn and her Venus in LEO. Lhasa’s chart HERE


did you SEE the Jupiter Venus Conjunction?!

Great interview of Heems by Ali Shaheed Muhammad


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  1. Sabina says:

    Beaut. I loved Lhasa but she just spun through our lives, seen here and there there like a firefly. I loved to sing along in three languages too.

    Yes, I did see Jupiter and Venus tête–à–tête. And that full moon – whew.


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