Capricorn and Scorpio Make Love to Pisces and Crab

Which does more for you, innocence, or experience?
Do you keep your innocence if you can remember it?

What is it worth,
knowing all the people you’ve been?

If you are comfortable with finality,
you stand to gain in the weeks ahead.

I’m watching some people with Pluto on their Sun just acing it.
Using their increased gravity to make mountains move to them.

Eartha Kitt*

As the noose tightens our distractions glow brighter.

Would you like to come over?
Would you like to come over for a drink?
Would you like to come over for a drink even though you are married and will regret this for eternity?

Oh Morality, always stepping in where you are not wanted,
you tight lipped little bitch.

Not a good month to abandon your ethics.
The hangover these days is just beyond.

Who is going out for bread and never coming back?

Chiron is doing some heavy lifting to solve this dilema,
The x-rays of the past have arrived in your mailbox.
You might not want to look before you sit down.
Self awareness more than anything can keep you out of trouble,
if you can’t repeat the past,
as Axl used to say ‘oh where do we go?’

The birth of the New is Aries territory.
Uranus signifies an adventure:
it is the mark of a hero that he has to think on his feet.

Love YOU!!!



* Eartha Kitt, the one and only.
Capricorn Sun & Mercury, Crab Moon/Pluto/North Node,
Saturn/Asc in Sag. Like so many singers Ms Kitt had Mars in Taurus.
Venus/Jupiter in Aquarius which is what you need to play Catwoman.
Neptune in LEO!

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