Busy Monday, where’s your Jupiter?

Hey Everybody! Welcome to your Monday, brought to you by reality central.

So here we are racing around, trying to deal… to finish, to believe, to move forward six different ways at once. Yes it will be new… all new, and somehow with the old mixed in.

The other night I was listening to this beautiful song and XXX said “He’s so sad and so intense.” Now, that is kinda true, but I have Jupiter in Capricorn, so I like dark stuff, let’s just say it makes me HAPPY. Yup. Capricorn is ruled taskmaster Saturn, which in turn rulez bones..
so I think this is funny

Wherev you have Jupiter in your chart is going to lift you, is going to give you some buoyancy. My son has Jupiter in Aries and it shows, he likes a fight, a challenge, and winning! My middle child had Jupiter in Cancer, she wants a little time with Mama, some snuggles, and a cozy meal.

Where is your Jupiter?

What lifts your spirits?

Skywise we got Jupiter in Taurus for the year.. make your world beautiful, go for the real luxuries.. nothing fake or phoney…

Plus, this time of year… Scorp. Season, when sex and death, passion intrigue and intensity make their way into your world like a snake in the garden…

Well, I guess it’s a fact that some people like snakes..

Tune in for Scorpio season… happy birthday to all the lovely Libras!

By the end of the week the Sun joins up with Mercury and Venus… already Scorping.. already working behind the scenes.

Are you gonna get what you want? Hmmmmm?

Love You!

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  1. o_lightning says:

    Hey Thanks Leonard Marks! I dunno how it is that I am only seeing this comment a year later! But I’m happy you stopped by! Sorry it took me so long to say hello! xox

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