Busy Bee

That’s me today, busy busy busy bee!!!!

I don’t think it will completely prevent me from a bubbly drink at some point today!

Racing around…. but I have not forgotten about you!

The moon is Sagittarius today makes that easier, Lighthearted and breezy, letting people go their own ways, but altruistic and helpful as well.

Many people have time off from work over the next few days.

Here’s a couple of songs to put you in a holiday mood:

Bing’s a Taurus with a Leo Moon, stubborn eh? and Loving!

and Perry’s a Taurus with a Gemini Moon a little lighter on his toes.

Think Taurus is just the sort of stability we need in this flurry of activity!

It helps to support the Jupiter in Taurus (eating and luxury) vibe,

yet it’s been a little hard to feel the abundance with Jupiter Retrograde…

On the 25th (Christmas) Jupiter will be direct!

Whew what a relief that will be…

Let’s try for big love rather than big drama, as Jupiter is ALL ABOUT BIG.



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