Burn Fire Burn + Edna

Can you feel the Scorpio Full Moon coming on Saturday?

People that like the phrase “SUPER MOON” keep using it describe this one.

It means it is very, very close to earth.

and………. We can feel it!

Trying to keep the doorway to self awareness open, and trying to keep…

some perspective…

a sense of humor…

Full Moons are culminations. What house does Scorpio rule in your Chart?
Look for the denouement there.

You know, 7th house =partners, enemies, (isn’t it funny how an enemy is a kind of partner)
5th house creative work, 4th house home life, 9th school and travel…. etc.

Going for the big reveal, information coming in and being assimilated.
Manipulation is completely within the realm.

Try to think with your own brain,

…and maybe make a fire and just burn some stuff

“Only what I have lost I possess forever.”

I’m going to attribute that to Edna St Vincent Millay,

She was a dreamy Pisces Sun and Jupiter.

Moon conjunct Mars in free-spirited Sagittarius.

Her Mercury is a 12th house Aqua,
ruled by her 8th house Scorpio Uranus
which in turn trines, her 1st house Pisces Sun!

Venus in hot headed Aries,

Pluto conjunct Neptune in the 3rd(writing!) at the base of her chart.

She was a Cosmic Badass!

Here is song a from David Ivor Herman Dune
striking that note between funny/hokey/whiny and destructive…. ah I mean creative…


Love YOU!!!


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