Bird Girl and Hendrix Monday

That was quite a weekend.
Not without surprises, am I right?

Winter is here now. November is drawing to a close.
I feel like the boy in this image with snowy pine-cone eyes.

Do you think that bird-girl can sing?

What would she Say?
And How does he see?
Is she the voice of his conscience?
Or does she merely say what he can’t?
Or something else? Something he never thought of?

Maybe this bird girl will help him out ….
Is she trapped?
Red lips and red berries… what is the story here?

Isn’t now strange…

It’s a lot to synthesize…

Wouldn’t a little escape feel great?

I think he does Dylan very well.

What could Jimi Hendrix be but a Sagittarian?
Sun, Venus and Mercury
I’m going to have to give him his own post one day.
Serious hero for me.

With this much Sagittarius in the sky, be very aware that you don’t own anyone.
Cause god knows you have probably have noticed they don’t own you.

Old loves, and or New ones…
Don’t look back or you’ll step in the bear-trap and wind up chewing off your foot…
kidding… kidding… don’t look back!

When Mercury is in Sagittarius, blunt words get spoken,
and those words somehow contain rather large themes, judgments, and philosophies..

Meanwhile, we are looking toward the future, and building,
now matter how tediously (hurry up hurry up!)
structures that will carry us forward where we want to go.

Friends can help though, and jokes, and taking care of your biz…

We have Sagg, Cappy, and the Virgin at play here,
Venus and Pluto are involved and it does get complicated…

Merc. Retro seems like small potatoes in comparison, but it does add a kind of signature muddle- headedness to the proceedings…

I really like The Sheepdogs. So bravely old fashioned, so groovy. Get in the Car!

That’s how the week opens, Kittens…

have faith, let the universe drive today…
besides, that universe, she’s got a sweet ride…
but it doesn’t always go just where you think it might.


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