BIG LOVE BIG $$$$ Venus Power/Lyn Collins/Yvonne Fair

Taurus Full MOON
Tomorrow, enhanced by our friend Pluto

LOVE and $$$
Full Moons are a culmination, right?
They bring to light the results, the fulfillment of your past actions.
So here is what I want to say:
Try for more
Cast a wider net

~Yes it may not work, but you will be stronger
and know more about what you need to do next time.
Give yourself a next time. Taurus is patient~

If you are going to be rewarded for your hard work,
make sure you feel it’s on something worthwhile.
Don’t waste your time, it’s all you’ve got.

as Lyn Collins would say
“We got to use what we got, to get what we want.”

We all know that song so I’m going to play a different one by her,
and as the man announces:
“This is for Everybody.”

What is it you want ?
She doesn’t say what we kinda would like… or wouldn’t mind

Taurus y’all = The power of VENUS


What we want.
Feel me?
To get what you actually want, you have to aim for it.

You have to try

Yvonne Fair: Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon and Libra Stellium

I love the way she sings this cut… she’s got a couple of good ones

She showcases her Scorpio and her Taurus in these songs
To get what you want for Venus ruled peeps, (that’s you Taurus and Libra)
You have to attract it. You have to remove every obstacle in your way.
Every single thing preventing you from what you want, can be dismantled,
piece by piece like a muther**cking rouge Lego set.
Then you just sweep it away…

To try to attract it means, you have to show that you want it.
To show that you want it, means you admit you don’t already have it.
There has to be an opening to allow people to give you what you want,
and you have to be kind to them.

LOVE the power of Venus

I’ma leave it out on Cows for all our Taurus peeps.

Peace y’all


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