Between Courage and Willpower… The Work of Art


Between courage and willpower. Between the brave sense that we are standing on the edge of a precipice, well able, and about to leap across a chasm, and the assurance that we are fighting our hardest not to drown in these lives which have taken years to assemble. Surely we are farther ahead then ever, we have succeeded in so many ways, why then that sense of falling?

Of the earth crumbling beneath us, dirt and loose rocks filling up your shoes, grabbing hold of little branches which simply rip off on your hands as you fall
empty, empty, and all around you others are falling.
It’s an individual journey to an alien landscape. There is no describing it, because we have never seen it before. It looks like something to live through. Something to survive. Integrity is the only superpower here, and even that will get you very little without a ferocious will to live.

Neptune in Pisces is the only escape in this, and that is saying almost nothing. If you know Neptune, you know that every way out is a way further in. What it says is calm your senses. Still your needs, your fight or flight. Neptune combined with Scorpio Saturn/N.Node suggests that the WORK of ART is the answer, even for the practical, that a well used escape route can actually bring you closer to your goals if you are dedicated to your craft and know when to stop.

We must have pleasure, we must have dreams, and we must not allow our responsibilities to overwhelm us. Neptune’s/Chiron’s messages are potent and easy to read these days. You can not allow yourself to be limited by fear, or external perception. There is faith available, though it wavers like a flame.


a note about art, because it’s a touchy word for many people. Art in this sense, can be anything that moves you. Anything that you do passionately with your whole heart.

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2 Responses to Between Courage and Willpower… The Work of Art

  1. Funny parallels. I was just an hour ago looking back on the day and thinking- it was a good day because I like the art i made. Then was thinking how even if at times it seems escapist, it is often the only relief I’ve found since my fall down the precipice. Thank you for this!

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Django! You are so Welcome. You are workin’ the astrology! Art is the way in, and it’s the way out! <3

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