Backwards, February 1, 2012

…..and now for some actual Astrology.

It’s been a while, right?

Remember that old saw about Ginger doing everything Fred did but backwards and in heels?

I always loved Ginger and Fred. Used to be, whenever I was sad,
or had been to the dentist or something
that was what I watched.

So comforting that world they live in where even the most mixed up mix ups are straightened out by the last scene, and honestly, no one ever really does anything awful that is not also just a little bit funny. How unlike life…


ok, the astrology what we are looking at is a series of retrogrades.

As you astro peeps probably know, Mars in Virgo started going backwards on the 24th of January. Reorganization anyone?

Don’t chase men or pick fights, true story, you may lose, so just skip it.
These fights tend to look like squabbles. Be clear. Side step. Move on.
Do get your health in gear. Do re-think re-plan.

Mars is in Virgo for what feels like an eternity.
Are you Virgos feeling drama queeny? Virgo Moons feeling passionate, confidant?
Dare I say it, sexy? Sexysexy Virgo Moon! Haha, well it is an earth sign.
Any Virgo’s unsure if they want to complete their plans? Weigh in Virgos, tell me about it! How is it going? ( That’s a Virgo health joke, duh)

No secret, that I have a Virgo Moon, and have been re-thinking relationships quite a bit. People have been mad at me, Yes Imagine! And I have been mad at them too! You can’t please all of the people all of the time…. I’m just average, common too..

You can thank Venus in Pisces opposing the Virgo Mars for putting that spin on things, who is the victim here? The only clear thing is that people are opposed, and projection is an issue. The more you clear your mind of who you expect anyone to be (and that includes yourself) the clearer we can all see each other as we are.


What else is going backwards? Plenty! Saturn on the 9th.
This is the last pass peeps. The last chance to get your sh*t tight in your relationships

Saturn in Libra= Do right to Others.

Balance: one for you, one for me. No greedy piglets allowed.

The messages will be direct, and whether you are learning to stand up for yourself, or give selflessly or how to tell the difference, it will be school time, Yes, with a pop-quiz and a final.

Saturn doesn’t get to Scorpio until October, so it’s not over till it’s over…

Is it just me or does Saturn in Scorpio have an ominous ring to it,
like an evil bell, or wicked laughter…

We’ll see…

Actually the month of Feb. is pretty busy and dramatic, it’s just not a quiet mousy little month, there will be action. Full Moon in Leo on the 7th, so this weekend looks exciting… I hope that happens in a good way, if not keep perspective,
it can sometimes double as a sense of humor…

As for the retrogrades, they keep coming…

Mercury in March and Pluto in April, Why mention it now?

a little birdie called Mars Retro in Virgo told me to plan ahead.
I’ll post more ’bout it soon!

This one goes out to Saturn Retro in Libra


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