Backwards Day

Monday Mercury turns back again.

Do you have special Merc. Retro friends that you only talk to during Mercury Retrogrades?

Sometimes I think I do, certain people pop up, and we reconnect.

The world seems a little larger, and more friendly.

So Merc. Retch, you know the drill:
don’t buy big stuff esp. electronics,
you may change your mind, it may not be exactly right after all…

Rethinking, going down a different path; all this is YES, that’s what you do!

Regardless, It’s a day to move on with plans, go forward with your decisions.
accomplish and do what you set out to do.

Yes there will be set backs and delays, not just today, but a whole month of them.

This is evolutionary astro at it’s best.
Those who adapt, excel.

Accept no excuses from yourself about why you didn’t do it.
If it is important you will find a way,
You will learn something about how to restructure
so you can do it.

This is your chance to live your life, the one you have right now.
and that is the very same one you must use to get where ever it is you need to go.

Luke Temple gets to be our poster boy for this one.
More than Muscle,

it’s muscle, strategy and… somehow…. release.

Jupiter conjunct Venus in Taurus is primed to help
and a grand Trine in Earth supports anyone who wants to get things done.

Don’t look back though, don’t look back to when your garden was Eden,
or you may hear these songs playing

That’s my all time favorite version of Dreams to Remember.

Theses songs, they are the sound of Netune and Chiron being activated up there in Pisces.

Have faith in yourself and in your life.

Let go. MOVE ON

a new year, new dreams…

Love YOU!

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