August 9, 2013


Start letting go now.

Of outcomes, of expectations, of getting what you -need-

Just drop the whole mess of dreams, nightmares, plans, hopes, best case scenarios,
worst possible outcomes, the rabbit holes and labyrinths of the past,
the sun-drenched idealized vistas of the future.

There is a ticking bomb aspect to this weekend,
let’s begin diffusion in this space right here.

big yawn…


Let’s make room for integral changes
disengage from the -way it is supposed to be-
-the way it needs to be.-

When we are present without needing to change a single mote of glimmering dust
just drifting
without needing to change that wound into a scar
give it time

Allowing things to exist exactly as they do:
Imperfectly, always: there’s our opportunity.

No strategy this time.
No if I do this, I get that.
Stay in the present, that’s strategy.
awake breathing.

Jupiter Opposes Pluto

Cardinal Grand Cross this Weekend,
Virgo Moon today kissing Venus as she goes past,
Saturday forward: Moon in Libra.
It looks like a doozy.

Best thing to do in a Lightning Storm?


Act if you need to act, cleanly directly.

You are already free.

Love YOU!!!


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4 Responses to August 9, 2013

  1. Tam says:

    It’s already crazy here. A 30 year man ran over and killed his 29 year old girlfriend this morning. They were having a fight. Saturn caught him about two hours later. I hope he enjoys prison.

    We have one or less murders per year where I live so it was a big deal this morning.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Tam,

    Oh wow! That’s huge. Really sorry to hear that. I’m seeing a lot go down, everywhere I look. : ( There is a lot of compulsion in the works for people. Jupiter just making Pluto MASSIVE. Lots of foot shooting. Although I do see some people getting clear or cutting to the chase, which is great! Still, compulsive/destructive behavior is in full force. Gah. : (

  3. Sophiepiscesmoon says:

    I read this on Friday, diffused. Came back Saturday, read it again, diffused. Sunday..same. Mostly am feeling very sad about the past…Pluto in 4th, Jupiter in Cancer amping it all…but your words are so helpful. Just accept how it is, not how its supposed to be. Sometimes it’s so confusing, the changes in just the last 3 years (or more?)…it seems like decades but also like nothing. I’m looking back on a couple of years feeling nostalgic as if it were so long ago. Were we all happier? We are being pummelled, squished, I know it is necessary, but at times…yikes! Your words soothe, we will make it!! 🙂

  4. o_lightning says:

    Nice to hear from you Sophiepiscesmoon!

    I’m glad the blog was a help! It’s quite a time. I was definitely resetting my self over the weekend on multiple occasions. Check in, let go, repeat. We absolutely will make it.<3 Sending Love your way!xo

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