August 6th, 2013


Happy New Moon in LEO!!!

We’ve earned this one!

I didn’t exactly pay in blood, I payed in something….
How about that feeling when you cut your fingernail too short?!

There has been an awful lot of the painfully uncomfortable…
Whatever makes you squint your eyes and wrinkle your forehead!
Blame the Crabby Pile Up, and the Dark of the Moon.
Objectivity has been in short supply…

Not that we haven’t seen beauty and magic…
We HAVE seen it!
It’s been a month of Highs and Lows for sure.

We will have our second Full Moon in Aqua on the 20th!
Yes Soon!
It looks extremely potent! I quite like it!
Uranus a Key Player,
Another Cardinal Grand Cross, but not so tight, Venus in Libra.
The Moon near to Neptune, and Mercury close to the Sun.

I’ll write a post, before we get there!

Today: Let GO! Start FRESH!
Mercury will be in LEO before we know it!
What we loose in Subtlety, we gain in Clarity!
I can’t wait! Murky emo communiques be gone!

For a real write up on the LEO New Moon,
and this week in general go HERE

Let’s get FREE!

Love YOU!!!


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