August 5, 2014


What’s it like on the other side of the looking glass?
Even if Alice wrote home before leaving, there would be no way to express it.

Experience is the teacher here.

It took me exactly twice as long as I imagined to to get a foothold in the new world,
and here we are still trailing flakes of chrysalis.

Let’s rest on this leaf for a moment and dry our wings in the sun.

Look around,
your losses are gains, I promise.

It’s not so much that the bridge has been burnt as it is,
if we walk back across it we will not be entering the same land.

~No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.~


Sagittarius Moon trine the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.
Mars squares Jupiter, and trines Neptune.

Great day to take everyone out for a treat that furthers a higher cause.
It’s alright to have reasons behind the reasons.
Grease the wheels for more rapid success.
Dance party in the kitchen?
Dance party in the kitchen of your mind of higher understanding?

Call that friend you have been meaning to call,
or better yet, here you are stepping of the plane and saying hello.

The day will pass too fast, and tomorrow will ask us different questions.

Grand Fire Trine tomorrow,
Expect the unexpected, while Saturn in Scorpio sternly disapproves.

Watch out for moral indignation.
That’s usually low ground masquerading as high,
swamp water in a champagne glass.


The benefit of doubt comes in handy, big picture, wide perspective:

Go with the new. Doors must open!

Love YOU!!!!!


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