August 31, 2015


Virgo/Pisces Axis Represent!

What did you think of your Full Moon surprise?

Have a little upset with your insight?

We are rich in unrealized possibility right now.
Don’t press it.

Progress without pressure.
Just kidding.

Feel that pressure?
Keep going anyway, it’s all a mirage.

Is it?!?!

Well no. But thinking it’s real won’t help either.
Let’s pretend we’ve got this sanity thing in the bag.

Desperate times call for desperate, no. NO they don’t.

Put the gun down and enjoy the Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo.
There is pleasure and talent there somewhere.


Waiting on $$$ that never appears while money flies out the window?
One week out shows us a solid improvement.

Love and Beauty will be back.
A whole new chapter about to come to life.
Out here in the daylight, where we can see it.
Oh that will be good!!

Who is waiting for compulsions to stop dictating extreme responses from addle-brained psychopaths? hmmmm….

Honestly, sanity is in the works.
I promise.

Another two weeks of finality style insanity.

Be the most adult version of you.
~that’s what’s up~

Pluto direct puts us back in the game by the end of September.

It’s not like you can’t see it coming, you totally can…
or imagine it anyway, if not exactly it, something like it…

Love YOU!!!!



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