August 29, Scene Change: Venus in Libra, Virgo New Moon Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter in Virgo’s Parting Gifts








Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius,
What hangs in the balance?

(jump down? keep walking?)

A tightrope act
centered on trying to bring your dreams to life,
while reality forces the construct of ‘dreams’ into a particular shape.

Stay flexible

It’s not about you getting what you want, like ordering a sandwich,
it’s more like making dinner from leftovers.
You are the chef, but you don’t get to chose.

You have already done a bunch of things that place you in this position.

Cleverness is key.

A new scene emerges after a bit of a scuffle.
That’s probably glossing over difficult Eclipses,
but Venus in Libra (as of today) likes to keep it light.
Best view, best vision, best outcome.

Humility helps.
You won’t get anywhere all puffed up with how right you are,
not under this sky.

Mercury delivers good news, (you might already have it)
then goes backward on the 30th of August to make you wait.
Not strictly linear progress, but some problems are solved in the redoux.

For all signs,
Mercury retrograde in Virgo ensures there are a wealth of pending details
related to hopeful plans already in the mix.

do it over.
The extra time and effort is worth it.
Mercury touches Jupiter from September 1st through the 3rd.*

September 1st is our Eclipse.
It looks harsh.
Sharp Angles, pointed messages.

could it be good? ::::squeaky voice::: it could….
It’s not subtle.

For Mutable signs at 9 degrees write that in triplicate.

A mantra:
Becoming, Becoming, Becoming

Don’t hang on to who you have been.

Can you have compassion, tenderness for your foolish innocence, or your embarrassing anger, once upon a time?
How beautiful to have believed, no matter how deeply you were betrayed.

Or maybe you were the villain, taking love for granted, offering little in return.
Do you have even a shred of amnesty to offer your former self?

Emily Dickinson said hope is the thing with feathers, and we have that now.
Where are our wings and how far will they take us?

Our next journey is queuing up.
We should see the shape of it in the month of September.

Phone calls, forms, documents, emails, & related health,
pet and every sort of paperwork procedure, some you have been meaning to take care of,
others that you feel lucky to have the chance to sort now:

All of them related to a revised experience of the life you are living.
You have been EDITED.

That’s what Jupiter in Virgo has been up to.
Jupiter is expanding your opportunities through discernment and detailed observation.

say what?

I mean, your opportunities that arrive now, arrive by way of loss,
of cutting into, weeding out, of saying goodbye to, saying no.
You can not do or be everything, will you choose, or has life chosen for you?

You and everything related to the house where Virgo falls in your chart has been lovingly edited,

Parting gifts are the results of humble hard work, and being detail minded.
What is healthy for you?
You have endeavored to find out.

Now, with a few drastic changes that align you more closely with a sense of progress,
yes, this is the universe’s idea of progress, not only your own.

A sense of progress, and a fluctuation in perspective,
the lens blurs and magnifies, your values, your morals,
that huge plane in the yard you have been trying to get to take flight
…..& the desire for a slice of -cake- at the end of the day,
whatever that means.

You will likely have your hands full trying to keep up with the challenges that your new routines and obstacles demand.

…more to come on everything!

So much is happening now!!!!

Love YOU!!!!


* also of note, Jupiter comes close to the New Moon in Libra at the end of September.
The Sun and Moon will be at 8 degrees Libra, Jupiter at 4.
But I am getting too far ahead,
still it can’t hurt to see that their is a rainbow, however far in the distance…


I dropped my prices!!
I KNOW!!!!

By a lot! $80 for an hour, $40 for half.


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