August 28, 2014


When the air lifts a bit as it does today,
we can remember that it’s Virgo season.

Time to think practically, time to function,
rationally set ourselves in motion.

~We just find ourselves here. With our individual birth we just “wake-up” and discover ourselves in the midst of an extraordinary world of beauty and sorrow. All around us we see exquisite and exquisitely subtle orders played out effortlessly. From the lazy descent of fall leaves to the slow unfolding of cloudscapes in empty blue skies, it is all just here and we are just here to see it.
Day after day we wake again to find the world still here, waiting for us as we play out our own small dramas with their small triumphs and terrible heartbreaks. And then, remarkably, astonishingly, just here just ends.~ – Adam Frank via whiskey river

There are mysteries, and we are in the midst of them.

Of the ~tune in next week~ sort?
Exactly that.

A level head can come in handy, can you have one?
Will Neptune opposing the Sun allow it?


Do your best, and if a flight of fancy creeps in, some inspiring dream…
that’s not so bad is it?

Light and Shadow

Is there a balance beam you can walk?
just for the thrill of acting out the dynamic?

Balance beams are so tiresome,
but they do get you farther than a ride on the Jupiter/Saturn swing set.

Though we experience the past in our memories, and imagine the future,
our lives are dishearteningly,
or should I say exhilaratingly linear.

The past is past.
It’s all now now now.

Right Now.

Love YOU!!!


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