August 25, 2013


Here is one for the rule books,
as you contemplate what may have come apart or been bound together,
or both

Other people’s treatment of you is not a measure of your worth,
but rather of their capacity.

and not of an ultimate, finite capacity,
but of their capacity at that moment in time.

This doesn’t excuse anybody but it gives us all the autonomy we sorely need.
It’s no secret, that what you get, is not what you deserve,
but simply what happened.

intense, awful, beautiful, or otherwise

Life gives birth to itself moment by moment,
we measure it out in immeasurable breaths and heartbeats.

Where weight is cast, where the pendulum swings,
what lives on as we breathe in to give it new life,
and what dies from neglect, or being kicked down the stairs,
what suddenly drives away, away, away…

If you want to be really sad read these Lyrics
and listen to this:
mixed review on the vid, but the song is solid

The need is for deep emotional/physical exchange.
Pleasant doesn’t describe it

Do you get to have that?

If not, where will you place the energy?

a lit fire is not always easy to put out,
even if you wanted to…

Venus in Libra is a strategist.
She’s not going to burn anyone’s house down just to sift through the ashes,
and find out who stole the silver.

Actually, she might like that,
but she would bribe an arsonist,
and not with money either!

Venus has other ways to get what she is after,
she closes her mouth and smiles, survives.
The scales will be balanced.
Alignment is an art. Justice takes time.

Mercury conjunct the Sun in Virgo, is going to help us think it through,
but not all in one day.

Not with Neptune’s misty eyes,
sorry, longing…
a victim, a dreamer, unreasonably hopeful?

Simply focused on the details, which blur out each time you zoom in?

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.
-sez Novalis
A truer story was never told.

but then again,

Truth itself is such a wind of freedom,
See where you can find it blowing…

let go of all you can.

Love YOU!!!



The Moon in Taurus wants everyone to eat a cookie,
though honestly you may not feel like it.
Spending time in nature is a better bet,
a massage, a bath, a movie…

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2 Responses to August 25, 2013

  1. Tam says:


    “Not with Neptune’s misty eyes,
    sorry, longing…
    a victim, a dreamer, unreasonably hopeful?”

    I’m so Neptuned out right now it’s pathetic.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam,

      Thanks! Neptuned out doesn’t sound half bad! <3 I'll take that over the rest of the sky any day! xoxo

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