August 24, 2016

IRAN. Mahmoudabad. Caspian Sea. 2011.  Imaginary CD cover for Sahar.

IRAN. Mahmoudabad. Caspian Sea. 2011. Imaginary CD cover for Sahar.

Squeezing Past, a narrow escape, can you breath a little deeper?
If you can breath more freely, can you also begin to imagine the future, where difficulty is overcome with planning and strategy?

Where the pursuit of your goals is aided, not only by following a wild thread of happiness into the future, but also by perseverance.

Don’t resent having to show up and prove yourself worthy.

It’s on the menu for certain!

Our agenda involves meeting your luck where it finds you, and agreeing not to throw it out,
instead to use what you get.


Margaret Mead wrote once upon a time:
~ We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. ~

THIS is at the core of so many tipping points that bring us into the future with a workable plan rather than a dream.

You know what you need to do. The next step involves finding a workaround that allows you to do it.
Genius fills in the gap. The trick is to pay more attention to the possibility of a solution than you do to the impossibility of a solution. If you need help and perspective, Saturn in Sagittarius is all about consulting an expert! Ask someone who knows!

If you would like an astrological perspective on your situation, ask me!

Love YOU!!!



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