August 24, 2015


Sagittarius Moon/Virgo Sun
Would you like to be distracted?

Honestly the pleasure you get via distraction
may cause more anxiety that anything.
That’s a Virgo/Sag conundrum.
Virgo Sun conjunct Jupiter square Scorpio Saturn.

Middle ground?

Find the little things you can control.


Saturn putting the squeeze on the nearly empty tube of toothpaste that is our very soul.


I mean, the disassociation, the hesitancy, the flails at the details, (because too many of them!) the uber-accomplishments only to fall flat like a deflated balloon at the worst possible moment, the inability to reconcile who we have been with the mystery, the unknown and blank slate quality of who we are becoming, whether we have RUINED everything, irreconcilably squandered our chances, and are heading now, even now, into the most wasteful absurdist abyss, have we wasted the only chance we have ever possessed?!


I mean, take a big breath, we are all going to die.

I mean, the reason for standing still while the world rushes around you, and the number of things pile up that must be done, is more than the inability to accept what has happened thus far and choose a path, it is also the knowledge that as you open one door completely, another one slams shut behind you!

Errrr ahhh it does seem awfully dark in here at the moment.

does it sound the tiniest bit tempting to make big mistakes?

Better do something you like,
as Krs-one said waaaaay back in the day… make sure got what you need,
put at a safe distance all the things that you want.

Or Even

You will be measured, and this is a test.
Howev’s it’s mostly a test of your humanity.
Use that part of you which replenishes itself with love when you let it.
Open. Open your heart to yourself.

~For darkness restores what light cannot repair.
-Joseph Brodsky~

Love YOU!!!!!




for the next month as we wait for Scorp to stop and Venus to return:

& Yes, this was written/recorded in 1985 as Saturn made it’s way through very last degrees of Scorpio!


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  1. Scorp will never stop haha 😉 And Venus *will* return ahhhhh

    Love the KRS One bits, O! You’ve inspired me.

    Keep rocking!

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