August 23, 2013


Solidly in Virgo now. The Craftsman.

Aries Moon,
heading toward Uranus: that Cardinal Grand Cross looks wicked.


What did I say the other day?

The Cardinal Grand Cross & Venus Square Pluto,
can not only tear things apart, easily, irreparably, fundamentally,
It can pull them together,
actually, metaphysically, and for good.

It’s not a threat, it’s a promise,
so set your sights on what is deep, and true.

Grand Trine Jupiter/Lilith/Chiron/North Node is no slouch either,
That looks like damage that heals you,
Or a really fun time in bed.
Great weekend to make a 180
so long as you are certain

The upside is recovery time is quick.

Detach or Attach,
Go hard or Go home.

Poor Venus in Libra, this is really not what she had in mind.

not only Love, but Money, VALUES, the depth of our Integrity/or lack of
is on display at the moment

Venus/Pluto pulls people from the past,
kills love, and begins it.

Haunts you with choices, triangles are HUGE!
Passion and the death of, where you grow, or where you stop.

Betrayal is a classic here,
but it can just as easily be a hero’s weekend.
Moon/Mars in Mutual Reception
Strong Feelings.
Regenerate where you can.
Control your compulsions.

don’t let anyone’s insanity dictate your own.

I mean,

You Know What I Mean!

Love YOU!!!



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