August 22, 2014


Chiron is active today.
Mars/Saturn making you feel it.

Wrenching is the word that comes to mind.
You pull really hard and land on your ass.

Or avoid it, mulling things over (void moon in crab style)
Let’s go on mopping this room,
never mind the elephant.

Continue to accomplish small tasks,
& to force yourself into dialog with the larger ones.

Your mind may be racing, uselessly.
Virgo loves a worry if one can be found.
One can be found.

Never Mind.
The more you do, the more you will have done.

Music Helps.
You could, maybe, possibly have fun, it’s not impossible…
especially if you give yourself a creative task…something fresh…
(as the moon slips into leo later on…)

It feels like a certain amount of:

Even so, I’d count that as what not to do.
If you need limits, you have them.
If you need an open mind while establishing boundaries,
you can have that too.

Love YOU!!!


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