August 20, 2013

Robin Switzman 2008

Well here we are anyway.
where? here and here

in the Full Moon Zone.

A sense of the absurd is going to help.
When you lose your sense of humor you lose your humanity,

and you know things are going south…

I’ve always had mixed feelings about that phrasing,
because I like the south,
and I like it hot.

but what do they say?

Heaven for weather,
Hell for company


When in doubt,
Take George Saunders Advice.

Let yourself understand things and accept them for what they are,
as relatively simple and pure as they might be.

Let the next step unfold from that place of accepting where you already ARE.



Move On

this rather beautiful and awful video should not be watched,
if you are at all sensitive to legs being cut off and people being shot,
in a very faux violence sort of way,

The Department Of Eagles video is très Aquarian + très très Cardinal T-Square,
emptying out on to Venus in Libra,
and thus Cardinal Grand Cross. We even have Neptune involved,
plus a shout to Mars/Jupiter in Crab, with the photo of the family.

It’s a genuinely difficult moment, not in a Plutonian way,
although that figures in, but more in the nature of connection and independence.

What does the ego need?

Can you let go of who you have been, to be who you are?
Tremendous reinvention is on offer.

Yes, NOW.

right now.

Love YOU!!!


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