August 19, 2015


Venus trine Uranus 20 Leo to 20 Aries.
Venus inconjunct Chiron @ 20 Pisces

Unexpected, Impossible, Sentimental, Confused

roll with it.
In motion, moved.

a double sensation of time,
the time this is,
& you can already see yourself looking back on it,
as you look back now

pivotal, pivot.

Cardinal Libra Moon, takes the hit.
Mars/Neptune slowing us down.

*It’s an emo-re-evaluation evolution, revolution moment.
Great day for a sad/happy cry or vice versa.

Freedom of Love.
Love of Freedom

acceptance of the transitory nature of all things?

It’s authentic,
or is it?

all feelings being equally valid,

Love YOU!!!!



Mute the sound and watch this video if you haven’t already:


deep thoughts…


also as ever..

*Thanks Retro-Venus, thanks Saturn.

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  1. That buzzfeed video was INSANE! And great soul music 🙂
    Complete remodel, feels good.

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