August 18, 2014


Trust yourself?
Oh I dunno…
Mercury already in Virgo across from a notorious sea captain and his pack of lies.

Great day to watch a movie.
Take care of the practical and let the rest slide.
‘Course that practical may take the whole day…
You are the Hero, so if a task looks daunting, that’s the job for you!

Still, better set aside a moment somewhere to enjoy.
Out in the world where people can see you, or surrounded by those you love.

There is a present in here somewhere,
It helps if you can recognize good fortune when it touches you.


Sometimes Good Fortune is having the opportunity to do good.
Could it be the gift of beauty, which bestows pleasure on the object of the gift?
Surely one of life’s requirements.
not useless at all!

If you get a bit of insight, at least don’t resist it.
allow your self to know as much as you actually DO know.
Even if it means you have to take responsibility for yourself,
or change your life.

Let go of the old problems.

Don’t worry! There will be new ones to take their places!
Honest! And they’ll be familiar in no time. 😉

In the mean time, play the hand you are dealt fully and with a generous heart.

Love YOU!!!


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