August 16, 2013


What kinds of Escapes are available to us today?

Not as many as we’d like.

Sagittarius Moon, heading into Capricorn,
the doors closing and the conjunction with Pluto is enough to make anyone panicky,

All the while the Full Moon in Aqua would like a breakthrough,
of some kind if only one could be found.

Rebels under pressure,
or the conservative backlash?

We really are in the zone of the Aquarius Full Moon now.
It’s a pivot point for many.
Go ahead, Turn.

Welcome to your weekend, Kittens!

Love YOU!!!!



JC Brooks, always killing it!

Perspective is so very much,
+ there ARE those freedoms that can not be taken from you,
nor given to you… yes?

if you need me, find me, I’ll be around.


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