August 14, 2014 Venus/Jupiter Mars/Saturn Weekend & Beyond


What strange and fateful meetings are about to take place?
Mars drawn to Saturn, the point of an arrow hits a magnet of massive proportions.
They’ll meet the for the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th,
but you can feel the gravity from here.

Luxe LEO Venus, drawn to more is more, LEO Jupiter
Mars already against it, Saturn disapproves.

The Sun wants it’s own way.
Delays and extra steps have an unspoken significance.
An imprint is being made.

There’s a Pluto flavor to the proceedings. It’s the Scorpio touch.
Active sextile from Mars to retro-Pluto,
You thought you had already dealt with it?
Think again. Differently.
More patience, more respect, (thanks Libra)
but the same scenarios.

Power dynamics? Too True.

Still you can’t help but to enjoy.
To experience something new in the mix…

Uranus: Check
Neptune: Check
Pluto: Check
Outer Planets Represent.

Love YOU!!!


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6 Responses to August 14, 2014 Venus/Jupiter Mars/Saturn Weekend & Beyond

  1. jgirl says:

    the venus/jupiter conjunction is on my vertex in my 8H. venus rules my 5H and 10H, jupiter rules my chart. dont really know what to expect but i guess im ready as i’ll ever be.

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey jgirl,

      Hope something good is headed your way!
      Sometimes the seeds start out so small in the 8th, (think sperm) that you don’t always know the moment of fertilization. Until later, when you think back…
      Too, sometimes you DO know! that happens! lol. xox

  2. Tam says:

    “What strange and fateful meetings are about to take place?” I don’t know, but I can’t wait. Mercury will be conjunct my natal Uranus/Pluto.

    Wow! Music, (Neptune) water, (Neptune) electricity, (Uranus) and a good looking man in black (Pluto)! Great video

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Tam!
      Agreed! Reignwolf totally hits the spot at the moment! Only he is a little young for me. Lol!
      Did new information come in? Or a new perspective? xox

      • Tam says:

        I bought a new sports car! New to me anyway 🙂 I also think I have figured out what in bread bothers my allergies. So hopefully I can avoid as much as possible unpleasant reactions.

        • o_lightning says:

          Hey Tam!
          Good going! What kind of car did you get?! I love cars!!!
          Nice work on the bread too! Merc in Virgo: Small things with huge impact. xoxo

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