August 14, 2013


Mercury trine Uranus keeping the door open,
in combination with Cardinal T-Square Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto suggests

big risks, big rewards

These choices are measured, you are not winging it,
what you are, is awake.

Energy is all poised to change up,

actually he prolly is.

Today things ease up a bit,
Scorpio Moon clears the north node, and Trines Mars
on it’s way to Sagittarius, that’s gonna feel fresh!

I like Moon/Mars energy.
Strong feelings + Motivation

I had to post the Ren and Stimpy while we still have the Moon In Scorpio,
and Venus in Virgo,
When Venus get’s to Libra, she will have none of that!
Come On AIR!

Full Moon in Aquarius,
nearly a week off,
but can’t you feel the Moon growing and perspectives widening?


Beautiful Moon Jupiter Exchange maƱana, and late night…
an adventure?

Finally some fire to support LEO!

Thank Goodness!

Love YOU!!!!


speaking of surprises….

what about this!



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