August 12, 2013


How was that for a brush with meaning and mortality?

Are we resolved?

It’s only the first short flight, farther.. farther..

…running down a country road, only to stop and look back,
our landmarks obscured, the past receding,
vaseline lens smeared with the gloss of the present,

The conflict between words and sentiment echoing slowly out.

Is it the conflict,
or merely the distance between them that measures the shape of our experience?

The Moon moves from Libra to Scorpio,
to conjunct Saturn, Trine Neptune, and Sextile Pluto.

With whom do you align? What is precious ?
Your ideals, your energy, and lastly your dreams…

It has the feeling of a hammered nail.
You need more than a handshake to seal it.

no one is going to suffer fools very long…
left out like toys in a rainstorm, colors will fade… it’s the beginning of the end…

For some,
it’s more like the end of the beginning…

The unstoppable Scorpion Emily Wells


it’s not for nothing that you are moving along these paths instead of others

Are you building a boat?

Uranus Square Jupiter and Trine Mercury
Mercury Square Saturn:

If you have a brilliant idea, for god sake, put it to work!

Jupiter/Chiron/North Node:
a near perfect balance,
an opportunity
to heal from the past and align with a personal destiny?

No time like the present,
there is wind in those sails
It’s the release that gets you on board.

Happy Monday!

Love YOU!!!



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