August 11, 2016


Nobody, no situation is perfect, and as Bei Dao reminds us, ‘life’s on loan’.

His face always gives me a lot of comfort, the way he seems to look determined without looking worried. Serious not closed-minded. I credit his love of abstraction to authenticity, listening for the inner resonances, reflected prismatic internal rhythms, accurate descriptive dissonance, like his love of Jazz.

Bei Dao was my favorite poet for so long, that I once opened a poem with the line “Bei Dao is my god of poetry”
What is the use of heroes, if not to show us what may be possible?
We keep them at arms length in order to continue to see the vision, not confuse it with the human.

These are Virgo/Pisces problems, and to a lesser extent Leo/Aquarius.
Artistic vision as inspiration, the humbleness of actually being alive.

Neptune on the South Node, the Moon itself about to run into Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius.
Don’t make a bad thing worse when what you need is withheld or denied.
There is a seriousness to the proceedings and what you want and need may not be simultaneously possible.

Material practical difficulties designed to bring you to the edge of your tolerance.
Simple successes mixed in with larger uncertainties

~ A New Century

in love with glory the earth grows dark
reading the lights of a concrete
book, we read truth

solid gold bombs detonate
and we are glad to be victims
showing our wounds to the others

when archeologists discover
a photo negative ghost of the era
a child grabs it, saying no

it’s history won’t let us fly
it’s birds won’t let us walk
it’s legs won’t let us dream

it’s our giving birth to ourselves
it’s birth
– Bei Dao ~

Give it a minute, the rest of your life will not be forecast from this moment.
Rather we pass through like colored light.

What was possible once will become impossible, what was impossible an ordinary task.

~ Apple and Brute Stone

in the prayer ceremony of ocean
a storm bows down

stone watches over May in vain
guarding against that green contagion

as the four seasons take turns axing huge trees
stars try to recognize the road

a drunk using that talent for balance
breaks out from the time-siege

a bullet soars through the apple
life’s on loan

-Bei Dao translated by David Hinton ~

Love YOU!!!!




Bei Dao is a Leo Sun.

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