August 1, 2013 Inexplicable Magnitude: Cardinal T-Squares & Grand Crosses, Grand Water Trine


Welcome to August!

To enjoy whatever is happening, however it is happening.

now that I’ve said that, can I add, be careful!
Not to make you worry, but it’s dangerous out here.

August =
A strange mixture of the sublime, the surreal,
the thoughtlessly enacted split second decision that could end a life.
Or begin one.


and these potentials are deep.
Everyday miracles, the improbable answer to an unasked question.

so THAT’S what I wanted to know.

thanks universe.

Pivot, turn, what a shake up,
built into the fabric of an ordinary day.

I’m just glad to be living in times where the unthinkable is possible.
Wait! That sounds bad.
Hasn’t it always been those times.
What did the Lions think about having to eat Christians?
What did the Lions think about living in Rome?!

You can only second guess yourself so many times.
Accept the circumstances you are in, and it becomes possible to change them.
Life is Change.

Sorry for all this tiger porn, NO! Not like that!
I couldn’t help it! At least they are not velvet!
Tigers are COOL.


To measure our dreams against reality,
while what is possible seems to slide around with unlikely plasticity,
the exact eminence… beyond calculation.

nevermind, it always is!
Inexplicable Magnitude: that’s a tombstone for humanity!

Here is Today
when I clicked that link, and took the steps,
I had some ridic mixture of laughing and crying with maybe a mild hyperventilation.

How in the world did we wind up as conscious organisms?
Conscious as we are…

I know I posted them yesterday,
but let’s keep on with it…

Orchestra Baobab!!!

your boat is in the river already, so bring along the oars…
waterproof matches, your favorite knife, and your best sense of humor…



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6 Responses to August 1, 2013 Inexplicable Magnitude: Cardinal T-Squares & Grand Crosses, Grand Water Trine

  1. chrispito says:

    beautiful x

  2. Tam says:

    “Everyday miracles, the improbable answer to an unasked question.” I’ll have some of that please!

  3. o_lightning says:

    Hey jtgirl40,

    Thanks for the love!!!! Right back atcha! <3 xox

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hi chrispito!
    Thanks for writing! It’s so nice to get complements and comments! xo

  5. o_lightning says:

    Hi Tam,

    Sending it right on over! <3

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