Astrological Holiday Gift Guide

tumblr_l0hosj3tlp1qz7lxdo1_500 hairless kitty for the holidaze, last gasp of virgo mars!

First the guide, then the gifts!


It is necessary not only to make the omelet, (NOW)
which we all are trying to do,
but to walk right over the broken eggshells, crunch crunch crunch,
and sweep away all the sticky pieces.

If things are changing, and they are,
to start, it’s a bloody mess.
It straightens into some semblance of order faster than you might imagine,
but you have to fight for it… and not fight clean either.
It’s politeness fighting. Codependent style.

Straightened out or not,
Turn a corner and you are right back in it!
That’s the horror movie bit. Kill it, and it springs to life!
Saturn in Scorpio draws it out… pain over time.

Listen, evil as it is, this, right now is our chance.

Believe me when I say, the stakes are going to be higher.
People entrenched in their patterns are going to have their hands forced,
and soon.
Wrists will snap, people get ugly.
It’s not that any one person will be doing the forcing.
This is change universe style.


If you have confusion as to your priorities, settle it.
List them out.

Proceed calmly, it’s a two week window.
after that, bets are off.

You’ll be dealing with crazy people, who don’t think they are crazy.
Talk like people talk to ledge jumpers in movies.
Slowly, calmly, and with respect.

Do not let others define the parameters,
You won’t be able to ignore them, and it won’t help to fight for power.

You don’t take power. You have power.
Recognizing where and how, is your job.

The end of December/ beginning of January, is like nothing I have ever seen.
Cardinal signs, 7-12 degrees especially, *be aware*

We are all being squeezed through the eye of a needle.
The temptation to walk out of the room,
or throw all of our toys on the ground and jump on them is strong!

So where the F*CK is the gift guide?
It’s coming it’s coming! lolz


Aries: A hand mirror and a sign that says ~God bless this home, happy or not!~
You’re seeing yourself for real now, what you have, and what you have not.

Taurus: straight up cash, and a plane ticket or enrollment in university.
One way or another the money comes through and your life expands.

Gemini: A new psychologist. A joint checking account too, wait, are you making one, or dissolving one? Either way, tangles and entwinement. You know your worth now. You won’t forget it. Children or lovers keep you busy. What about art, does it make money?!

Crab: A glass bubble just like the one Glinda the Good Witch travels in.
and wait, is that a contract from the Devil?! What’s he doing here?
Are you going to move or just dream about it?

Leo: A train set that comes alive when you are sleeping!
The worlds you have created have a life of their own,
but my, how busy you will be cleaning up and putting out tiny fires in the morning.
also…Going somewhere?

A pretty sand timer. Just keep flipping it every 5 mins or so to remind you whether it’s all about art and love, or all about money, dependency and endless guilt… what are you trying to prove anyway? Who is calling on the telephone? Mom or Dad ?

Libra: Your very own copy of Sun Tzu’s ART of WAR. and well as the rough guide to the place you are living. It is rough, but you can handle it. It’s not about when will be over, it’s more that it has finally begun.

Scorpio: If you have siblings they’ll find you, and they should. I’ll let them give you a present on their own. Your gift is Humans of New York Everyone lives a story, The wider you let your eyes open, the fuller your heart.

Sagittarius: A murky pond, full of lucky pennies. I’m pretty sure there are frogs to kiss that go with. I know you don’t want anything money can buy. You want everything money can buy! No.Yes.No. The things you want are not things… you have had supper and are still hungry.

Capricorn: Tango classes, and a ticket to the top of the Burj Khalifa The fact is, you can fly, but you won’t have to. You’ll have to dance, right there at the top of the tower.Use your skills. You’ve earned this already.

Aquarius: A megaphone, and some glamor vitamins. Your secrets are public knowledge and everyone loves you anyway. It’s about ethics as much as it is about anything. Go out, or away, but take a friend with you. Your health is stronger than you think.

Pisces: Satin Pajamas that double as day wear. Who is that cast party assembling around you? Just listen! They are calling for you, can’t they entertain themselves?! No. They can’t. It’s time for your song.

Love YOU!!!


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2 Responses to Astrological Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Charlotte says:

    Ha! Ah the sweet calm of being lost at sea before the Sharknado. That yoga quote is the truth. Please elaborate on the fighting someday. My SN Libra is like “avoid everything” and I know the tide has shifted so I cannot.

    I dreamed I threw a child down my stairs but it started out as an adult and ended up as a child. It was something about not misusing my power or turning against the innocent. Finding an authoritative balance.

    Love & Light!

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Charlotte,
      Thanks for writing! I love that yoga quote! It’s awesome! Your dream makes me think of how everyone is a child inside, or how emotions operate on that delicate level. I’ll write lots more about conflict as we get in to it. Mars in Libra is going to be a trip! Key words; beautifully effective. xoxo

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