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Photo-montage from A Hong Kong Memoir series. 1973, 2002

Photo-montage from A Hong Kong Memoir series. 1973, 2002




Are we lobsters in a pot?

How can we be with such a frequency of periodic jolts to the system?

but…. are we?

and with Astrology affecting the entirety of our existence on earth, if we could crawl out of the pot, where would we go?

How to use the Energy?

…but, honestly, it is getting warm in here.

A disembodied song, drifting over the intercom in an abandoned airport corridor, such as the one I found myself walking down, in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, on the last day before the airlines were moved across the city to a brand new airport.

I was walking, listening to otherworldly pop music under flickering fluorescents, and signs for vacant concessions, wandering aimless with an ultimate goal and hours to kill, heading toward what was perhaps the last fight before they closed the doors… 2016 anyone?anyone?

In 2016 the genuine seemed more than ever to be receding. Even as partnerships (Jupiter in Libra) magnified for good or ill, the disillusionment and surreality of the Saturn/Neptune square seemed to erode what I think of as ordinary contact.

How far away we have all become, and how tiny, or perhaps outsize, and we handle our world with the grace of a giant who fumbles with what must be a toy house when he holds it in his hand.

2017 certainly has a trickle of those Saturn/Neptune feelings, but the riverbed is drying up and we are about to find our boats don’t float. Pull your boots on. Let’s walk from here.

As we near the New Moon in Aquarius on January 27th, there is a sense of having finally hit the ground, or at least the mud.
As Venus squares Saturn, after Mars has recently done so, we find out the bottom line.

The last two years stretched plastic, like an extended version of the moment a Magician has promised a trick, but you don’t know what in the world you are about to see. It seems obvious, it MUST be obvious, but what? What is it?

He makes a flourish and covers his hand, himself, with a scarf, a cloth, a cloak, and now -Behold- the cloth is gone, the smoke clears and I do believe something more has vanished. We will look around now to find out what.

2017 allows us to get a grip.
Our security blanket has been removed. Reality comes back, and as the shape of the world becomes evident, we can begin to make our mark.


This year:

Jupiter in Libra in a Cardinal T-Square aspect to Pluto and Uranus will give us massive changes.
Surprise!!! lol! What is the point of reading this forecast anyway?!



Libra is the sign of compromise. Balance. In everything he seeks a win/win.

Libra controls with favors, rewards, and an iron grip on decorum. He will try to win by establishing what is and is not done. If Libra wants something from you, the first step is to offer a compliment, an appeasement or some type of remuneration. One hand washes the other, and no one calls the police. Don’t count on that now, as it is exactly Jupiter who is currently under pressure.

With Jupiter wishing to expand relationships along perceived ethical lines, in hard aspect to Aries Uranus (violent radical change) and Capricorn Pluto (corporate control), you can see that there will be conflict, and it will be big. Remember though, wherever Libra goes, negotiation follows. Keep your cool. Of course the problem here maybe lip service and no one actually addressing the issues. Uranus in Aries is sure to make a much needed fuss.



So many fault lines are now clearly visible.
Which ones will crack?


The Cardinal T-Square upheavals, particularly in March, August, and September, will be global, but people with planets in Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Crab, can expect massive, deeply personal developments.*

October 10th Jupiter moves to Scorpio, and possession becomes nine tenths of the law. lol I mean, by December 2017, Saturn will return to his home, Capricorn, and with all parts of the sky corresponding to deep elemental aspects of consciousness we may as well be Titans!
Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto (yes still!) in Capricorn, With the North Node in f*cking LEO? Oh my gawd?!!

Power, Fear, Dreams
2018 will be hewn out of a mountain, the energetics are those of Norse or Greek Gods, Old Testament indeed!
We will see heroism then, and the need for it.



But that is for then, now we are here, in the transition.

On May 10 2017 the Nodes of the Moon move from being North Node Virgo/South Pisces, a situation which has given
Neptune and Chiron extra influence, as well as a certain self-sacrificing seductive charm, to Leo/Aquarius. This move places our True North in LEO.

I think this is kind of amazing!!!
It completely backs up, reinforces, and takes the Saturn/Uranus trine we have had to another level.

Radiance, brilliance, luminosity will begin to guide us, and do we SO do need the heat!!!
We will get rewards for being unafraid to shine! For being who we are! Trust me, there will be BLING!



happy leo girl


The North Node in Leo will be part of a Grand Fire Trine that begins as early as May 10 and runs through November 15th. For five months in 2017 we will have Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node lining up to guide us, and honestly I haven’t been as happy about any Astrological configuration in years as I am about that.
That is a full 6 months, and by Gods we are going to use it!

There IS a way to arrive at our goals, and after the last two years which focused on dismantling and refining the old, we will at last be in a position and of a mind set, to build some new structures, and achieve new objectives! *


This is brilliant astrology, and I dare say we f*cking deserve it.

Especially when you consider the mindf*ck that we are about to enter with Venus and Jupiter retrograde.








Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn take a retrograde:
Venus spends hers in Aries/Pisces, from 13 Aries to 23 Pisces.
Jupiter all in Libra travels from 23 back to 14 Libra.
Saturn stays in Sagittarius, traveling from 21 through 27 degrees.

The positions of Venus take on extra importance this year as we are involved in a chain of command that goes as follows:
Jupiter in Libra is ruled by Venus.
Saturn in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who in turn in ruled by Venus.

Are you noticing a THEME?!

Our opportunities (Jupiter) and the rules/structure/authority that allow us to access them, or not (Saturn) are both heavily influenced by the position of Venus. Until October when she turns Jupiter over to the influence of Mars, (and even then, Mars is in Libra until December.) For 2017 Venus holds both the rules to follow, and the way out of the maze.


The Retrograde Mechanics:

Venus stops moving at 13 degrees Aries on March 1, 2017, with the Moon Uranus and Mars also in Aries.

She begins in Aries moving backward on the 3rd of March while the Sun, Mercury, and Neptune are conjunct in Pisces.

Whatever you thought was a ‘go’ in love or money may seem to suddenly dry up, and something or someone you had written off, may yet reappear.


It’s a dance that begins in ~ I must have it my way ~ Aries, and moves to ~ take a look at the big picture ~ Pisces on the 3 of April. And then of course back again to define what you want, or will get, with renewed perspective.

Is there something, someone, from the past Venus will help you with?
And ‘help’ with Venus in Pisces may be enacted by blurring the lines, adding confusion, or even fear, or sacrifice. What is real? Who is trustworthy, is it as valuable as it appears? Do you dare to believe?

Venus in her Exaltation is miracle territory. Spiritual connection, is possible, bliss, deep selfless love, and near impossible dreams that actually can come true, but wait for direct motion, because they also, can not!
Altruism, with Venus direct in Pisces is a distinct possibility, but as the song says, ‘compared to what’?

On April 14th, Venus Stations Direct, conjuncts Chiron and squares Saturn for a true hit of painful reality and potential healing, with the Sun conjunct Uranus and the last kicks of the Virgo/Pisces axis version of Saturn/Uranus/North Node in action.

Mercury is retrograde then, and the whole story may not be as brutal as it initially appears, but it’s a f*cking doozy of a moment.
Circle the date.



Jupiter arrives at his station of 23 degrees Libra, just in time for the New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th of January.

Let’s remember that Jupiter rules the truth, and Libra rules relationships.
His backward motion begins on February 5th, and lasts until June 9th 2017.

Whatever you have begun before February 5th, and whatever you have long been trying to get off the ground, to this, Jupiter lends a hand. After all, the extra time moving backward, is extra time in Libra, and this is deeply needed.

He underlines a moment of very significant change with a cautionary note.
If you are uneasy about your choices he seems to say, look deeper, think again, he positions himself to support the idea that there WILL be change. In that, you have no choice.

But here, as he moves backward, Jupiter seems to ask that you deal urgently with what is already on your plate.
Chew what you have bitten off, it may be harder to swallow than you think.


For these two retrogrades,

It’s not only about who we pin our hopes on, or how we invest our love and money.
It is about the meaning and VALUE of Dependence and Independence.
(YES dependence has a value)
Does it make it easier if I say Interdependence?
Because that’s what partnership is, it’s Interdependence.

While this happens, Uranus keeps pace by opposing Jupiter in Libra, and trining Saturn in Sagittarius.
This year we will be asked to put our money where our mouth is.
And more than that, with Pluto in the mix, to change our lives because of our beliefs. Only you know that with Pluto, we won’t be asked, we will be forced. The winch that began to tighten at the end of 2007 and gained momentum in 2008/9, is back.

Processed with VSCO with e4 preset James Jean]


No, wait, DO YOU?

Haunting is not too strong a word for what happens in the first half of 2017, every cage will be rattled, just to make sure you not supposed to be on the OTHER side of the bars.

Which prison is yours?
Which freedom?
Which partnership?
Which ambitions?

What is it you can NOT do without?

Is it like a check up from the doctor, will you be able to look at your development and say ‘All Good’ ?
But others will climb over your wall and into your garden, just to ask ‘Are you sure?’


~ Are you sure? ~

You will have the opportunity to find out if what you are attempting to do next belongs to you.
If yes, you will have help. Strength and power will arrive to buoy you up, and if not, it’s overboard, a long way to the bottom, and again, a long way back to where there is air to breathe.

All the usual caveats and provisos apply for Venus retro Do not start a biz under any circumstances. Do not get elective body altering surgery unless you are correcting a past surgical mistake. No new tattoos.

For Jupiter retro, take heart, this is planning time. Don’t wait, figure it out.


16174446_10158103038580506_8767181031833152832_n ***

Your life IS changing.

Jupiter is going to help you to get it right.
Jupiter in Libra is about the intersection of Justice, Equality and Harmony.
Shadow side?
err yes that too…
self-destructive competition, lazy expectations of happiness/harmony without the hard work of making it so.

Still, Above all in 2017 we can be grateful for increased clarity of vision.
Once we make it through the early retrogrades, perception is enhanced.


Last year’s ~ Am I being lied to? ~
is now replaced with the notion,

~ Of course it’s likely that whatever I’m told may be untrue ~

The advantage of 2016’s tutelage is that you are likely to be able to parse whatever information arrives.
By trusting in yourself and in your closest alliances.

In 2017 we explore more deeply not only who is worthy of our investment, who helps us move toward our goals, our vision for the future, and who does not, but what we truly believe about our religion, our values and our world view.

So when are the Eclipses that structure the year, accelerating change and breaking with the past?

February 10th is a Leo Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse,
The Solar (New Moon) Eclipse is in Pisces on February 26th

August 7th is an Aquarius Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse
The Leo Solar (New Moon) Eclipse is August 21, and it does look massive with the North Node and Mars in attendance.

I’ll be writing about these individually as we get close.

sub-buzz-2219-1485108869-1-1 ****


With the emphasis on the Leo/Aquarius axis, Drama, Creativity, Individuality, Revolution, and Healthy Ego will play a part in our 2017 choices, sudden shifts and reinventions, just as in 2016, Sacrifice, Disillusionment, and Humility played their parts.

Some themes from the old year continue. The Pisces New Moon Eclipse near the South Node has the ring of a painful beginning, like a bell tolling that is somehow hard to hear.

The mercenary corporate crackdown of Pluto in Capricorn at odds with the rebellion, violent revolution and individual idealism of Uranus in Aries, continues.

The boundaryless global movements of compassion, human rights, and workers’ solidarity and the oceanic natural disasters of Neptune in Pisces go on.

Libra Jupiter continues negotiating until October when He goes goth as Jupiter in Scorpio. We have our Sun/Jupiter conjunction then at 3 degrees Scorpio on October 26th.

Change will arrive, in part because we will bring it.




The shocks of in 2017 will be real. That’s a part of the Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus/North Node promise.
Our ability to adapt increases, and what seems shockingly harsh in 2017 we may be nostalgic for in 2018.

Consider December as Saturn moves to his home in Capricorn and he, Jupiter, and Pluto begin to work together. Deep Harsh Magic for the end of the year and one of the major themes of 2018. At least we will all have fun in bed!

By the time Uranus moves to Taurus mid-2018, our revolution will be well established, with new forms of prosperity and new ways to approaches value and wealth.

It’s quite an honor to live in a time when heroism is so desperately needed. Whether for your family, your friends, yourself, or the ideals you uphold. And it’s taxing, we all know that heroes are frequently exhausted, that they make due with insufficient resources, and against terrible odds.

As ever, I dedicate this post to you, my readers. Whoever you are, and whoever you may become, I am with you. May you face 2017 bravely and with good heart.

Love YOU!!!!


* if you would like a consult about your life give me a shout.

** Yes, within the larger Uranus/Pluto dismantling societal construct AND as my son pointed out, it’s as good for our enemies as it is for us! 😉

*** Photo by Lisa May

**** check this!

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  1. Connelly 567 says:

    This post is my yearly favorite. I see so much of myself, what I have survived and what I hope to accomplish (Grand Fire Trine). Jupiter going retro on 23 Libra conjuncts my natal Sun. I am remembering the former job horror, reviewing what I have accomplished in my new position and planning to expand on my current responsibilities. You have given me guidance and hope during the past 2 very bleak years. Many astrologers say 2020 is the game changer. For a few months during that year, I will have Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter transiting my 2nd house Capricorn and hitting my natal 2nd house Jupiter. I have started to prepare for that stellium as I never had collection of outer planets in my chart. Happly New Year

    • o_lightning says:

      Hey Connelly 567,

      Thanks for writing, I really appreciate it! I’m so glad you were able to move on in your career! Accomplishment is a wonderful feeling! I agree that 2020 is off the rails. It’s massive. I have to stretch my mind to even conceptualize it.

      Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in the 2nd is a serious make over! As it is also your Jupiter return, no matter how your Jupiter is aspected their will be major opportunities! Yes! def check your natal aspects for clues. Also, progressions! The story will arrive in your progressions as much as anywhere. I have Jupiter in Cap. too, we should start a club, The Lucky Unluckies 😉 It’s just as the cliche says about the harder you work the luckier you get! Happy Chinese New Year!! xox

      • Connelly 567 says:

        From the end of 2019 to the start of 2020, Venus, then Sunday, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto will be conjunction my natal Jupiter. I am going to remember your phrase, the Lucky Unluckies. I used to question what I had done or to whom that I would be experiencing these tough times, Cardinal Libra withstanding. The new job is the start of my rehabilitation and a positive turning point toward luck. BTW, Jupiter in Libra and I’made on a diet.

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