Astro Talks with Satori: Saturn in Aquarius




Something I would have LOVED to have mentioned in this video is that Saturn in Aquarius will mess with technology.

Of course it will! It will slow down and collapse the old technology, even as Jupiter in Aquarius comes up with new technology! Systems hacked? CHECK.

So just as the old, started by one man (I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg) tech monopolies are being broken up, NEW more egalitarian, or group based tech will take it’s place.

Will they be idealistic? YES. Will those ideals be good? Who knows!

Pluto in Capricorn will keep stretching Capitalism to extremes until it breaks or is fundamentally useless, a la the journalism effect when we had Pluto in Sagittarius. So deep Capricorn motivations continue to be unearthed until 2024. And after 2024 we collect the bodies. (kidding/not kidding)

Saturn in Aquarius may ask us to go it alone, or it may bring an unexpected partner, what we know, is that you will be asked to take your individuality seriously.

With Saturn involved the word is CONSEQUENCES. Consequences regarding your individualistic choices & by the same token, your individual experimental RESULTS. Opportunities, as Saturn is joined on December 19th by Jupiter, the next thing you know: Open doors.

For now, we anticipate the unexpected.

Love YOU!!!




*A New Century, by Bei Dao

**New Born Poem by Dean Young

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