Astro Talks with Satori: Leo/Aquarius

Since Leo feels at the center: everybody wants me, and Aquarius feels at the edge, the fringe: nobody wants me, the question they ask or the theme of the polarity is:

What is the role of the individual in society?

In changing society, do you work from personal (Leo) or impersonal (Aquarius) truths?

Do you (Leo) change one life at a time, as many as can see you, from the stage you are on?
Or do you (Aquarius) change the structure people inhabit.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus. Structure and Change. Brake open the world and remake it.
In one sense, as the water-bearer, the “water” Aquarius carries is humanity itself and Aquarians are AND create the bucket. They build the form with which to carry the undifferentiated masses: us!

In both cases the Leo or Aquarius sets themselves apart from the masses through their individuality.
Leo from the heart, Aquarius from the mind

Are you a Rebel, (Aquarius) or a Star (Leo) ?

For Leo, status actually is a thing! Not only the bling of it, but the recognition.
Aquarians only want the recognition if for lack of a better word, they think it’s “cool”

When we say that Aquarius is the audience, what we mean is closer to the act of participation in a group event which has a meaningful impact. What remains unsaid, is that Aquarius is the one who stands out from that group, much as Leo does.

However the positioning is the polarity: Leo’s position is on stage from above as a star, Aquarius’ position is from within as one of the masses inseparable from the greater good.

Love YOU!!!


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