Astro December 2014


* that’s Federico Fellini praying right there.
Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Capricorn. 5th house 🙂
Venus in Sagittarius, Jupiter/Neptune in LEO.
Virgo Asc. Saturn in the 12th in Virgo.
Uranus at home in Aquarius.
Pluto in Crab.
Mars in Libra, & Scorpio North Node.

Of note in his chart:

~Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto
In their Detriment: the Moon and Mars!~

Don’t let anyone tell you what time it is.
You’ve got to hear that inner clock.

Today Jupiter turns retrograde, where is our hope flying ?
… away away away..
Metaphysical buyers remorse?

Don’t look down.
Steady on.


Feel free to step outside any paradigm that doesn’t suit you.
As long as you remember we are playing for keeps!

Jupiter backs up to trine the Sun…
Another chance to solve the puzzle, stay humble with it, work from the heart.

Mercury conjunct the Sun in Sagittarius today
It’s not really a thinking place, but a believing one.
Keep your head up,
that is the direction you want to go.

Saturn makes his way out of Scorpio
the last two years, man
~ a low point requiring drastic solutions~
A prolonged death, we have been there.
Now we can go somewhere else.

If you’ve not made the progress you wanted,
you might see your finale in the fall.
Let it slide and begin again over the summer?
Kick it to the curb with finality by September 18, 2015.

Saturn in Sag.
A Serious Journey!
Sagittarians and mutable signs, ready yourselves.
This will be a test!

You’ll be the Authority now,
December 19th
with the weight in your pockets to stand up and make it so,
or, ummm… be dragged down to earth.

Mars into Aquarius over last weekend,
ready to give us a break through on something new.

Veuns in Cap. wants to make certain she gets her money’s worth.
(From the 10th of December)
That means she will enter the cardinal chaos.
Venus/Pluto as part of the revolution the 20th.
(with the moon in freedom loving Sagittarius)
In or Out. Innovate. Who returns?

Venus always plays, but here she plays for serious and for true.
Don’t attempt to shortchange the lady with the alligator purse.

Uranus squares Pluto

It has, It does,
Exact the 15th and building now,
Who has not on some level seriously reformed their life?
I can’t think of a soul!
Not all plans have been put into action, but the unexamined life….
I don’t know anyone still taking up residence in that dusty coatroom.

Establish now that seeing things in Black and White is a waste for time.
Forget shades of grey, think interdimensional volcanic rainbow.

Actually, think interdimensional volcanic rainbow violently shuddering and breakdancing, along with something infinitely more solid:

A speeding train, a 22 floor apartment building
The impact they make when they come together,
if they were both living entities capable of metamorphosis.

Sun, Pluto, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn by the 25th
Authority Much?
Take a look at where that falls in your chart,
that’s valuable info right there!
This year everyone is getting relentless pragmatism, and a new way forward for the holidaze, whether you celebrate or not!

Strobe lights of the soul.
We are lucky to live through these times that force a certain clarity,
and redouble creative confusion.
When the doors are shut, and you need a way out…

~Emergent Windows~
That’s some of the best of where we are headed.
Don’t sell yourself short.

This life is the one you have in your possession.
Unstable, Rich, Fertile,
impossible to completely define or obstruct.

Neptune & Chiron in Pisces are busy now for a reason.
Compassion and Possibility,

Healing miracles can’t be counted on,
yet here they are, fully in the mix.

As Jupiter retrogrades and things become more complex,
Pisces suggests looking in, in order to see out.

Love YOU!!!


Who noticed that I became a total endless blowhard incapable of subtlety talking about Saturn in Sag?!?! the spirit of our times, man… the spirit of our times….

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  1. Rochelle says:

    Someone has to be a total endless blowhard incapable of subtlety talking about Saturn in Sag – I am glad it is you. Thanks again, Omie.

  2. connelly567 says:

    This is occuring in MY first house, Sag. Big changes along with 2nd house Cpricorn stellium.

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