The beautiful and multi-talented Alexis Francesca writes

“Hey lovely, wondering why I feel like I will be getting back to being myself soon. I feel like I haven’t been myself for quite sometime, and I keep feeling the inspiration that I will be feeling lighter and more fun in the near future. Anyways you ROCK! love you so dearly.”

Hey Sweets,

So looking at your chart, a couple of things spring out right away. First of all you are a Sagg. Moon and Venus and you will ALWAYS have hope for the future. Secondly, let’s take a look at what is going down:

Jupiter is in Taurus your rising sign and you must know on some level that this is your year to plant the seeds you want to harvest in 12 years time. To EXPAND your contacts to draw toward you the things/people/EXPERIENCES you want/need/love.

So what’s this? Why don’t you feel on your game and ready to roll???? Hmmmm….. ?

Part of the puzzle is a hazy planet called Neptune.
(Insert groovy Neptune woowoo music here.) For the last decade or so Neptune has been in Aquarius. On a global level, this geniusy line up brought us, such marvels as the internet. I just checked it but I knew in my heart that Steve Jobs, must have had Mercury in Aquarius. (he did) And So my sweet do you.

What does this tell us besides the fact that you are an original thinker? It tells us that while your intuition has been on an all time high.. it’s been easy to lose focus, become muddled, distracted, and feel that it is all just not worth it… get inspired, and then lose also may feel called on to sacrifice your smarts for someone else. (Instead of sacrifice, try to transcend. Move right over them.)
“Hey wait!” You say, what about April, May, and June? I was pretty focused then… Yup, We had a little vision of the future As Neptune moved in to it’s all time Fav. place to be Pisces! It had a Pisces Party, then, it took a trip back into Aqua to clean up unfinished biz. Your mind will be clear and fully functioning by February and Neptune will be happily ensconced in Pisces.

Meanwhile, as SATURN moves through Libra, and combines in the sky with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, it happens to oppose your natal Aries Mars! Dude! Is everyone ganging up on you? Can you have nothing for yourself? Do you have to share every single thing? Is everyone standing in the way of your plans, and saying no to whatever you naturally want to do?! Causing you to wonder if you even want to do it? Is it worth it?

And yet, when you play well with others there are tangible results. But none of this is easy, it feels like hard f***king work! Am I right? This doesn’t even touch on Pluto moving through your Sun sign Capricorn and restructuring you from the inside out… by December you will be under tremendous pressure, that you can use to free yourself in any way you need to….
BUT. that’s an topic for another day…

Let’s look at what you CAN do now,

Let go of old thought patterns, old ways of thinking. Let go of old friends who no longer suit you. Politely but completely define your boundaries in relationship. You are a CAPRICORN!
Give your self a VERY hard task to complete, and a prize for when you finish it. You need something to push against, and you do actually have something to prove, to yourself.

Saturn is going to be in Libra, for what amounts to another year, it will give you a break in a few months, but it’s gonna be back and forth for a while. The Upside is you will learn. You will learn to free yourself from others expectations, while being fair and considerate. You will learn how others see you, as well as how to see yourself, with your own eyes, to consider your needs (they DO count) as well as those of others. Give yourself the freedom to disengage from others hang ups… and have it be ok. And or to decide whose needs you are willing to meet and on what terms. That is a kind of freedom that can help you to feel lighter, clearer and and whole.
You are your own universe babe. Trust yourself.

Do YOU have a question you want answered? Write to me, and you shall have an answer!

p.s. we are still gonna talk about ARIES… it’s in the works…

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  1. “Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.” ~ C. S. Lewis

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