M. writes:
A serious question, not silly. Or, a series of serious questions:
Are the walls coming down around me? Will I be trapped in the rubble? Feels like it. Rebuild? or start over?

Hello M. So nice to hear from you! I can see from your question that things feel INTENSE. As I pulled up your chart, I had to take a min. initially to just enjoy it, you are a complicated flower, not a simple posy. So deep and so much fun!

As I looked around it became very clear that it is restructuring time. Are the walls coming down? In a word yes.

Let me explain. As a Scorpio Rising there will always be times when your world, and indeed deep parts of yourself, absolutely die and are reborn phoenix style from the flames.

Right Now,
You have Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto all ganging up on you, telling you that things are not ever going to be the same. Meanwhile, Neptune has you feeling perhaps a little sentimental for simpler times, and makes it hard to hold on to the clarity,
of what EXACTLY,

AS IN A PLAN, are you supposed to do.

M, you have a lot of fixed energy: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Asc, and a Leo Moon. Fixed Air, Fixed Water, and Fixed Fire. Now Fixed signs would prefer not to change things. They get things the way they want them and KEEP THEM THAT WAY!

Your Mercury is in Capricorn, which is a Cardinal sign, but would have no problem doing things the way they have always been done, you know, the RIGHT way.

So what is is to be done?

Will you be trapped in the rubble?

HELL NO!!!!!!

You are an almost mind bogglingly STRONG person!! You have a grand fire trine in your chart.
IN THE FIRE HOUSES. (almost unheard of!) We are talking first house Sagg. Juptiter (You are lucky!!) trineing a ninth house Leo Moon, and a fifth house Aries mars.

Girl, lets just say you can do whatev the f**k you want!

Go back to school, change your job, your relationship, reorient yourself in whatever way you need to. It may feel like this

while you are doing it.

But trust me YOU CAN HANDLE IT.
You will be sky swimming with the tigers like the girl at the top, once you catch your stride.

What are your dreams telling you? What do all the little signs and symbols add up to? Get quiet and let yourself know what the next steps are.

Faith is your ally. Let yourself connect to the higher reasons for things to change. Let change be good!

You will be supported, and you will support yourself. You are a SCORPIO RISING! And you possess most individual Sun sign there is AQUARIUS!

Here’s the trick: YOU’VE GOT TO BEND.
Yes Bamboo! You may tend to be stubborn about HOW you get what you want, go all SUPER FLEXI on that. Be stubborn about GETTING IT.

This is your life, and you are no victim. You are strong enough to help your self, help others and then some left over. Which brings me to one last point. Don’t let your need for SECURITY trap you in to being guilt tripped or taken advantage of by others. Find a way to ground yourself without being beholden to others. I mean it!

You are going to be flexible and fair, not eaten by Pandas.

BIG LOVE! I know you can do it!


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6 Responses to Astro ANSWERS 2

  1. M says:

    All accurate observations, one right after the other. Intense is exactly the word. Clarity definitely lacking. Things will never be the same? As I suspected. Maybe that’s a good thing, one way or the other. I didn’t know I was one those pheonix-types. Its been awhile since I was re-born. Still thinking about the rest. I am struggling w/that stuck feeling. But you’re damn right I’m no victim. And one piece of your wisdom that I keep hearing on repeat in my head: “you can do whatever the fuck you want”. Nice mantra for any situation, I think! Just hearing that makes me feel stronger, if not more clear on a plan. Thanks again for the insight & door to introspection. I’ll be in touch!

  2. o_lightning says:

    I’m so happy it was helpful! February looks to be an opening to a new time for you…
    Lot’s of love! xox

  3. ana says:

    I’m also Scorpio Rising, and I can relate to all of this.
    It’s been really helpful. Thank you 🙂

  4. o_lightning says:

    Hey ana,
    I’m so happy you found your way here. Welcome.

  5. o_lightning says:

    @M, so glad it resonates.
    Planing is it’s own kind of security… and a good way to go for changes right now. xox

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