Ask a Silly Question get a Silly Answer!

Just kiddding! BUT I am going to answer questions as a feature!!!!! Is there Something you want to know???? Whether about Astrology or about your life… I will use astrology to answer your QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS… There must be something burning up inside that you have got to know!! If it’s YOUR life related be sure and send along your astro details.. birth place date and time… and YOU my friend will get an answer!

Oh Sharon! As you wish!

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4 Responses to Ask a Silly Question get a Silly Answer!

  1. alexis francesca says:

    hey lovely, wondering why I feel like I will be getting back to being myself soon. I feel like I haven’t been myself for quite sometime, and I keep feeling the inspiration that I will be feeling lighter and more fun in the near future. Anyways you ROCK! love you so dearly.

  2. o_lightning says:

    Hey Beautiful, that is hard whaen you feel like you can’t quite get a hold of yourself. I have some astro theories, but Im’a take a look at your chart, and be right back. xoxox

  3. M says:

    You can call me M if I can call you O…
    A serious question, not silly. Or, a series of serious questions:
    Are the walls coming down around me? Will I be trapped in the rubble? Feels like it. Rebuild? or start over? (Is this too much for the question section?)
    1/31/1972, 2:15am, St. Johnsbury Vt

  4. o_lightning says:

    It’s a great question… I do believe there is always a way out. I’ll take a look, and write you back! xoxxx!

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