As Mars activates the last of our Saturn in Scorpio flashpoints…


By August 3rd Mars will have left Scorpio.

Now, Mars likes Scorpio, but don’t kid yourself that this has been an easy transit. In Scorpio Mars holds a ready knife behind his back, and a powerful will to survive, a will to cut out that which can not contribute to the health of the organism, and a dedication to secure and bond with that which is deemed essential.

Life or death?
Oh yes. Life and Death. Scorpio deals not only in absolutes, but in what is owed.
I can’t say this strongly enough. How to have someone serve you? Do them a favor.

Sex and Death are the boundaries that guard our existence,
Intimacy is the currency of power.
The intangibles; what power buys, money, authority, favors owed…
We see that all around us now.

As Leo shines a light, as Chiron trines Mars, illness of all kinds is brought forward to be witnessed.


What is the consequence?
A domino effect?

Mars travels on in Sagittarius before he gets to the end of his original retrograde territory.
He began his backward voyage on April 17th, with Mars at 15 degrees Sag, and it won’t be until September 3, that we actually cover new ground!

But, between now and August 3, (New Moon in LEO on August 2nd) it’s worth looking back to look at how well or poorly we have accumulated and absorbed our Saturn in Scorpio lessons of Pain and Retribution, errr, I mean of Depth and Intimacy, of Solitude and Solicitude…How about lessons of Truth and Consequences?

Mars now activates the seeds Saturn has planted.
Saturn is the stone in your shoe, and Mars what you do because of the blister.
If Saturn is the disease, Mars is your will to survive.

No question, the house that Scorpio occupies in your chart has had problems to solve!

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Remember waaaay back in March 2013?

How far we have come!!! Thank Goodness!!!

More recently this May, Our Mars Retro and Jupiter/Saturn Square

The good news?
It’s getting hard to shock you, and you do have tenacity, and an ability to tap into an almost eternal will for self preservation.
a higher more selfless love?
We are a bit clannish now, but yes if can you devote your altruism to a cause…

Keep on keeping on!

Love YOU!!!!


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