Aries Overview, 2013


One More Day until Aries takes over the sky.


Stand your ground.
BUT, not if what you think is your ground, is on top of someone’s head.


Just keep on your side of the fence and it will all be cool.

I don’t mean it will be cool like peeps will keep their cool.
Who knows what they will do!

From today, all the way through April what we are looking at is this:

If you see what you want, you go get it…
while remembering that stealing someone’s cupcake never turns out well.

Professionalism, Dynamism, Respect, and Self-Control combines with
Surprise Opportunities, Risks and Innovation.

I won’t lie, the Full Moon on the 27th of March is a Bitch.
(especially for Crabs, I’ll break it down in another post. Yes good things can come about through this. But it’s FIERCE)

What is needed here is all hands in grown up mode.
Do not stoop to conquer, or for any other reason.

If you do not want to be seen doing something,
and do not want to be thought of as someone who does it…

You will have to abstain. PERIOD

If someone is an idiot, let them be crushed under the weight of their own stupidity.

Write the letter… but do not send.

What if you have to play a hero?! How will you know?!

Before you rush into the building just take a breath
and think if you will have to try to justify what you did?
Is it all completely legit?

If yes, proceed.

Big Changes will come out of this next month and a half.
Pluto begins her Retrograde to ultimately Square Uranus in Aries.
exact May 21, but applying steadily.
This is the game changer. The aspect of ~our times~

We have had the acceptance (Pisces) now we will have the action (Aries)
this summer will bring the creation of a new foundation and new security for ourselves (Cancer)

Saturn is still retrograde.
We are seeking some kind of balance here, but a balance that hinges on JUSTICE.

Upheaval, Separations, Risks, and Big Decisions = YES,
but think long term, sustainable.

Pushing someone out of the way to get yours…. you will get owned.

Pay attention.

Again, Professionalism, Dynamism, Respect, and Self-Control

You may have to think quickly, but you will still have to think.

What does Lyn say?
She says “We gonna use what we got, to get what we want.”


Love YOU!!!



Y’all heard about this?

More DeExtinction via National Geographic here and Here

What could be more Pluto in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries than this!?

New (Aries) Science (Uranus) to bring back the Old (Capricorn) and Dead! (Pluto)


Special Shout Out to my friend Alexander Rose for being a player in this! xox!!!

double p.s.

Aries you Will have a Birthday Message!

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