Aries Full Moon Eclipse, October 18, 2013


Our Eclipse takes place at 25 Aries/Libra.
We are in the Zone Now.

Those Surprise Karma Situations

I wrote yesterday about the Sabian Symbols,

Libra Sun
An Eagle And A Large White Dove Change Into Each Other

Aries Moon:
A Man Possessed Of More Gifts Than He Can Hold

Is it over the top?! Hells Yes.

Between Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter, that’s where we find our meanings this time,
where the delineations spring from.

For gifts we have Jupiter,

More than he can hold?

The Eagle and the Dove?
Both Pluto and Neptune again.

What part does Uranus play?
There he is, with the Aries Moon.
Not right on top of it, but certainly in hard close aspect to Pluto,
telling us that the deep feeling within,
the interior sentiment which suddenly becomes manifest,
that feeling is ready for change.

Freedom comes in a crystalline rush with a blurry blow-back.


Eclipses work in pairs.
The Full Moon? Culminations and Endings.
The New Moon? We begin.

What’s the diff? Aren’t all endings beginnings?
True enough, but the Full Moon is results,
the New Moon, is the journey ahead.

~Look for the other shoe to drop around November 3,
that’s the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio.
These weeks in between, with U square P:
time speeds up!
potent, karmic, epic, what other words can we use?
November’s Eclipse is a big one and a beginning: Karma, ice, cement, and stone.
A Sabian symbol for that Mars ruled Eclipse?

I’ll get into it later, but for November 3rd, Virgo Mars is:
After The Wedding, The Groom Snatches The Veil Away From His Bride.~

nuff said.


Back on October the 18th,
Mars Neptune may leave us blinking,
are we holding on to a secret, are we at a disadvantage?
Can we dare to believe?

This Mars is ruled by Mercury in Scorpio,
and on some level he is well aware of the bottom line.

It’s an avenue for inspired action,
especially if you skip the saints and sinners routine.


Mercury trines Jupiter in Cancer,
what do we think would be best for all?

Venus in aspect to Uranus, pulls Jupiter in tightly.
She wants the best for everyone. To be both free and fair.


Could there be a downside?

You could have the self-rightious (Jupiter) small minded (Virgo) victim (Pisces)
playing out a HUGE surprise (Uranus) selfish DRAMA (Aries,)
in order to manipulate (Scorpio/Pluto)
toward their self centered (Venus in Sag) petty goals (Mars in Virgo).

Or Not.

As much as U square P and friends, exacts to blow apart whatever they CAN
There is a real potential of ~ all for the higher good~ in this eclipse.


Aries is a baby, as well as a hero.
They want what they want.
This time the energy is enacted by a careful confused Mars:
Virgo/Pisces Mars/Neptune

It’s not honest energy per say, but it’s not destined to be vicious.

With the bold maneuvers suggested by the rest of the sky,
Mars may find himself reaching for the highest good, even if it involves some sacrifice.

Something in each of us is on a journey to freedom


Relationships: Aries/Libra knows no other world.
Independence, versus commingling,
the values expressed in this eclipse are Scorpionic.
We are breaking free, or setting up a new structure, so it can last.

Once again, depth brings us here, authenticity is a particular theme.

Let’s differentiate between authenticity and honesty.
Will people be completely honest? I’m not sure they will.
Should you lay every last card on the table, exposing yourself to the bone?


Strategy is still a factor, and self possession is invaluable.

Instead, offer authenticity,
and a will to enact the highest good.

Authentic, Completely You, Unafraid,
that’s where we are going with this.

Saturn steps in to new territory.
Jupiter trines Mercury.
Expand your mind. Expand what you thought possible.

It’s your Eclipse.

Can you prepare for shocks?
Well no. Or they couldn’t be shocking.
You can gather yourself though,
and remain wide open, resting in the confidence of your authenticity.

Nothing to prove.

Completely Free

Love YOU!!!


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