Aries 2013 Birthday Message!




It’s a Brand New Year!
How is that Uranus Transit going?
Uranus in your sign means doing things a new way.
If you have always moved fast, it could even mean slowing down.
Unlikely, but true.

and you need one!

Reinvention, renovation, innovation…
it’s time.

How are you handling your aggressive need for novelty
with having to toe the line?

Who and what are you shaking free of?
Who and what are you becoming?

That is the sound of Uranus in Aries.

This year you are in for a wild ride!
Actually YOU are the WILD RIDE!

Not that you would let yourself be ridden.

The Aries point is the beginning of the Zodiac,
it’s where we go from 0 to 60000000
From nada to begin. Dreams to Reality, baby.
The Sun is exalted in Aries!

Some people have trouble with being alive, that’s not your deal.

You know what Aries like to do?
But they don’t want you to just hand over the glory.
They want to take it!
Aries want to COMPETE and WIN.
…and it’s not really about what anyone else thinks is best.
screw status. For ARIES it’s their own Personal BEST!

Powered by MARS, Aries is the God of WAR.

Let me say that again.

Aries=Mars, Mars=War

Your Mars is also, simply, anything you do. If you did it, you did it with your Mars. If you dreamed it, your Neptune, if you attracted it, your Venus. If it’s what you done did, MARS.

For Aries, Mars is important, look at where and how your Mars is placed for clues into your life.
Your Mars sign matters tremendously, and the house placement is going to tell you how to use it!

So! Some misconceptions:

Aries doesn’t mind being alone
Not true! To have a War, it takes two!

It’s just that, unlike Libra who wants to know how long it will last,
Aries knows that there is always someone new to fight those same old fights!

Aries is insensitive
Aries is incredibly sensitive! Actually Aries is touchy! All Mars is touchy!
When something aspects Mars in your chart, you feel it! It’s a challenge!
Aries is so sensitive, that anything can tick them off enough to start a war!
Not that they will necessarily finish it! Are you still upset about that?That was days ago!!
Why are you so SENSITIVE!hahah

Aries is the beginning, the Hero.
The one who acts before thinking, dynamic and BOLD.
Do they watch what they say?
I think NOT!

If you are an ARIES be a HERO every day. I’m not kidding. You don’t have to do it like a boss, you have to do it like a HERO. Oh and Get some exercise, before you kill somebody! now I’m kidding
But unused Mars turns to depression hella quick!
You must move every day.
Aries is already a revolutionary, and with Uranus in your sign,
YOU are the Revolution!
The fact is,
if you have not already gone for it, you are going to have to go!

Uranus Squares Pluto:
when it happens it sounds like this:

All year long, Cardinal T-Squares show up,
to convince you that this time,
it’s move it, or lose it!
Meaning you have the chance to grow dramatically,
and to be a hero more than once.

To be assertive without being aggressive.
To lead by example.

The freedom to re-invent yourself.
To shake lose whatever is not truly yours.

and….. and this is KEY…. to work with the “powers that be”
and your own personal power,
to build a career or successful public presence that is of lasting value.

You have to overthrow your personal demons and jailors,
without shooting up the government, your boss,
or anyone you feel has control over you.


If this is true, and it is,
why do so many Aries stuck in situations with their use-by-date long past?
Why haven’t they moved on?


The answer is fourfold.

Look at the Solar chart of an Aries.
What’s in the 12th, the house of their “self-undoing”?
Why Pisces of course!
Aries believe in fairy tales! In happy endings, in miraculous recoveries,
in inner goodness that will someday be revealed,
they believe their archenemy will someday see the light.
ARIES ARE ROMANTIC. Incurably so! In a pirates and vikings sort of way.

As above, there is a look on the bright side innocence included in every Aries tool kit.
As far as they are concerned, it is never too late for a happy ending.
… and here is the key: not that they would take part in any endings! (…. shhhh…..let’s whisper….
to move on, you have to end… to end you have to give up…. to give up you have to quit…..)
Wait, what kind of warrior QUITS?!

Aries are outwardly focused and IN THE MOMENT. Long term goals can fall by the wayside as they rescue kittens from trees on the daily. Every day a new inner and outer adventure! Aries is the protector of whoever they have banded together to create as their family. No job or kitten too big or too small! This means a certain amount of circular treadmill running… every time they try to get off, you lose your kitten, and who has to rescue it for you!?

To look ahead, is to leap into the unknown, (not too hard) but sometimes hard to imagine stepping out of the present situation (see giving up)… getting harder….hardest of all… to actually get there, change often means jumping through hoops, pleasing other people, POLITICS and planning, this means, awwww screw it! Delayed gratification and making nice is an ARIES CHALLENGE! Look at it that way, Aries, as a CHALLENGE and you WILL master it! Sticking with it, having the stamina to get what you want is key. Often Aries have been made aware of selfish tendencies at an early age. They have learned not to take the biggest piece of cake. Not too hard, but it’s the next bit, THE GRIND, that takes you to task.
**(‘course in this where your Mars is matters.)


This is the year you beat all previous records of excellence.
This is the year you define you and live on your own terms.

You give your Power away… NEVER. Ok?

It may take most of the year to finalize your decision.
Uranus retrograde from JULY 17 through DECEMBER 17 will cause some reconfiguring,
it’s good to be sure, before you launch your attack.

Aries, you are great champions of the right to EXIST!
Yours, Ours, Everyone’s.
That’s your job! YOU ARE THE CHAMPION!
and if someone gets in your face about it… may the best Mars win!




RDJ, So Aries, So Awesome,
I like him as Sherlock Homes too!

Aries Sun Venus and Mercury.
Moon/Jupiter in Taurus. Mars/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo! Yeah! Really!
… his chart reads like a story, a good one. Leo Rising! You heard me!
Iron Man 3 this summer? You better believe it.

* Just as a complete side note, this song by the band Fear came out last time Saturn was in Scorpio! Iknowright!?

**An Aries with a Capricorn Mars, is going to be cool with long range planning…

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