Aquarius New Moon, Venus Direct, Mercury Retro in Aqua 2014


Backing around a corner blind?
We are about to turn and face, oh you know, everything.

I’ll take it.
I’ll take something over nothing.
This brutal parade of nothingness has gone on way too long!

Coasting down the hill with the car out of gear…
mid-process no conclusions

What happens now?
We re-engage.

The Aquarius New Moon takes place at 10 degrees on the 30th of January.
The Sun/Moon conjunction is sextile Aquarian ruler Uranus in Aries at 9 degrees,
tagged by Jupiter at 12.
Surprises are a given.
Go ‘head make your move.


Venus turns direct, conjunct Pluto, on the 31st.
Thank god! VENUS I MISSED YOU!!!
Welcome home beauty!!!
Our princess is still in Capricorn, so keep practical
still squeezing value, blood or money from a stone.

Venus conjunct Pluto in Cap, means she is square Uranus and opposite Jupiter.
We have to move into the future, so long Faulkner,
the past is suddenly past.

Epic level love and money decisions?
Non-decisions: the Gods have a say here.
More than a few choices are well out of your hands.

Reality check?

You can do something.
In fact, the more you take on getting what you want and need the better.

It’s not time to keep quiet, and hiding under a rock season is over.
Do think carefully, then ACT.
The world needs your participation.
You can’t sit this one out.

Best thing I’ve read in a long time Right HERE

Micro change with a Macro result:
The ramifications of changing your way of seeing
spill out into beautiful everyday dimensions.
Especially for Venus/Saturn peeps.
Read the whole article, or even the book.


It’s not always easy to realign your mind, you have to keep at it.
everyday everyday everyday
For this, Mercury in stubborn Aquarius,
(including the retro-grade of Mercury in Aquarius)
is perfect! A sudden shift in perception?
Pisces can go there too
But most especially, for stark mental 180’s, Merc in Aqua is your man!
Expect this retrograde to be heavy on the technical glitches, and failed idealism.
Yet the fact that ideals are involved at all will be key to our success.

Believing in yourself as a verb rather than a noun has a HUGE impact.
Think about all the tiny molecules you are made of,
each compound in motion, each cell alive.
Everything that lives, changes.
We know this, it’s the mono no aware of being alive.

Think about letting go of how you are seen in order to function more freely.
Think about yourself as a verb: talking, writing, laughing, kissing,
loving, fighting, relaxing, striving and in all these states you can grow and change.
The Cardinal T-Square loves this. Move ahead, move on.
A way of seeing yourself and others that will nourish you and your life,
& like anything that is well fed, your entire reality will grow.
Feelings of safety increase.
You don’t have to protect what little you have,
you can get more.

What Now?
We climb down from our lofty heights or out of our dusty corners,
We shake off who has been what to whom, and ask instead,
~what will be now? where do we find the future?~
We tackle what is thrown towards us or taken from us.

Release, Renew

We have had time to consider what (and maybe who) we want,
now we engage in how to get it.

We are no near finished ironing out plans and negotiations,
and with set Saturn to square Mercury in mid-february
we will hear NO then, at least as often as we hear yes.
What does that mean?
Thinking smarter, & higher mountains to climb.

Love YOU!!!


*The inimitable Aretha Franklin is An Aries with a Crab Moon and Scorpio Rising.
Venus in Aqua, Mercury in Pisces, square Jupiter/Lilith/Mars in Gem.
Super interesting chart, you can check it HERE.


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