Aquarius New Moon, January 20, 2015


What do we know about our new beginning?
Our New Moon at zero degrees Aquarius?

Well, for one thing Mercury turns right around,
determined to stay weird (err, I mean… in Aquarius) and retrace his steps back to one degree.

What about something else?!

We have another New Moon in Aquarius right after!
This one at 29 degrees on February 18th.


Say, are we about to take a detour?
With Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces, I’ll say we are!

Right this way… there’s something over here you’ve just ~got~ to see!
Oh uhmmm, maybe what I mean is… experience for yourself.


Quirk Much?

Slippery developments. For good or ill… it’s hard to say which

Judgment (Jupiter in LEO opposes Venus AND Mercury,
is that a lapse?! Or a Shock?! and on whose part?!

Uranus on the South Node: a chance for weak links to show.
It’s an incredibly selfish sky.
Well meaning, but out on your own trip?
…Hard to avoid!

For this sky, Ray Bradbury is perfect!
Go HERE for more background!
Ray was a LEO Sun conjunct Jupiter, with Uranus in Pisces opposing.
Mercury conjunct Neptune also in LEO, trine an 11th house Sagittarius Moon!
Just listen to him talk about his ~big ideas!!!~

We do need real life magic, we would be lost without it!


we do need to remember how to see in the dark,
hint: close your eyes,

Oh Wait a min! Is that maybe a recipe for disaster!
Who is writing this this thing!?

I mean keep one eye open,
I mean…
How would you like to combine Magic and Morality?

Would you?
How would you?!

Let go of anything not nailed down!
I mean hold on tight, here we go!

Actually don’t hold on tight!
It’s safer to fall when you are drunk.

For best results think ~win win~
Go LIBRA. Accommodation & Poise.

Saturn in Sag. sends a sextile,
Ethics are an excellent stabilizer, & more than sometimes the reason why.

Meanwhile, keep your wits, step lightly, lightly…

Love YOU!!!



Chiron has a hand in our destiny, I should say a foot!
I cut mine, and I can’t tell you how many people have done similar!
In what way is this helpful!?

A hurt foot keeps you off balance.
Off balance = You watch where you step.



about the retrograde,
DO expect HUUUUUGE technical difficulties, strange friendship/relationship un-foldings, or re-foldings. It’s a doozy! You may have to do everything twice! MORE than Twice! Patience, is beyond even a virtue, it’s invaluable this time around…


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